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When you’re running an email marketing campaign, there’s so much to worry about. With building and maintaining an email list, email verification, A/B testing, performance evaluation, and creating perfectly-timed transactional emails, the average email marketer has a lot on their plate. The team at KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional knows this from experience. They also know that most email marketing tools on the market are cumbersome at best and expensive at worst.

Tools like MailChimp, Zerobounce and Amazon SES charge a lot for features that still have to be complemented by email marketing solutions from other software providers. When you have to piece different email marketing solutions together, the costs quickly add up. Ultimately, the costs of such an approach can be staggering for an email marketer.

“During my time working on the popular email marketing platforms, I was disappointed to find that they didn’t offer exactly what I needed,” says KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional founder Fikry Fatullah. “These platforms are already expensive as it is. To make things worse, I kept having to supplement each platform by paying for other tools to make the process efficient. I decided to build my own solution – one comprehensive platform to help with transactional emails, email marketing and email validation at a one-time fee.”

While there are several big names on the market, no other email marketing platform offers email marketing, email verifications and transactions all in one place. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is the first software provider to integrate all these services into one platform. What’s more, this is also the first software provider to offer these critical services at a one-time fee. This platform eliminates the need to piece together different solutions from different software providers. Since the team at KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional has also done away with the subscription model, this solution saves email marketers both time and money.

Why KIRIM. EMAIL Transactional is ideal for email marketers

Aside from being an economical and time-saving solution for email marketing campaigns, what makes KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional so good at what it does?

The most important aspect of this platform is the transactional emails feature.

What’s a transactional email?

Have you ever bought an item online or perhaps you set up an account on a new site? Well, then you must have received emails during these processes. These emails are what industry experts call transactional emails. A transactional email is a response email that a client receives after taking a certain action. These emails are set up to be sent out in response to a specific trigger. Oftentimes, the email is sent in response to the recipient buying a product from an e-commerce site or setting up a new account. Such emails are customized to fit the actions of that client. Through automation, they’re sent efficiently in response to a trigger that is set up in advance. This reduces the need for human intervention while making your customers feel valuable at the same time.

Even though any form of transaction would trigger a transaction email, they’re basically used for:

· Account creation

· Password resets

· Receipts and invoices

· Notification tracking 

· Confirmations of orders and shipping 

Transactional emails are not the same as marketing emails because they have more practical applications for clients. However, if used properly, they present valuable marketing opportunities. When you’re launching an online business that depends on conducting customer relations through email, it’s essential to optimize the client experience. In this case, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional can help you with that. 

Why transactional emails are useful

Transactional emails are more effective than traditional marketing emails if building a relationship with your clients is a priority. Here’s how this style of email marketing can help you.

Earn trust and credibility

By sending a timely email when a client performs a specific action on your website – for example, when they make a purchase or ask for a refund – you’re assuring your client that you are there for them. When a client knows that they can count on you to communicate with them when it matters most, you earn their trust and boost your brand’s credibility. We all know that it’s easier to retain customers when they already trust you, so it should go without saying that this is a key advantage of transactional emails.

Ensure customer satisfaction and retention

Transactional emails normally contain important information that a client would otherwise have to contact you for. Examples of such information include confirmation of an order that they’ve made, or the next steps to follow if they would like to change their order. By communicating this important information before your client has to ask for it, you increase the chances that they’ll have a positive experience and develop brand loyalty.

Boost brand awareness

Since transactional emails always contain information that is important to the recipient, they generate more engagement than traditional marketing emails. Since they get higher open rates, these emails have the potential to boost brand visibility among your target audience. What’s more, they will keep your brand top of mind among these people.

Resuscitate dead leads

Transactional emails are also a good way to reconnect with a lead who didn’t fully convert into a paying customer. For example, you could send a reminder to a customer who put products in a cart but didn’t make the payment. You can also reengage a client who spent a lot of time browsing in a specific section of your online store with a guide for the products that they expressed particular interest in.

Reduce the need for human intervention

Since transactional emails can be automated, there is less need for you to study the behavior of each email recipient before you decide which email you’re sending this recipient. Simply set up triggers for different transactional emails in advance and email you’ve set up will automatically be personalized and sent without you needing to do anything. For example, you can set up transactional emails that are triggered when someone abandons their cart, leaves a review or reads a specific blog post on your website.

Additional email marketing tools from KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional

Aside from transactional emails, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional offers a combination of traditional email marketing and email verification features.

Key Features 

· Email marketing

· Transactional Email

· Email Validation

· Affordable pricing plan 

Beyond this, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional also boasts competitive native features that outperform the other platforms. The additional features include Google Sheet Integration, Magic Opt-in, Email Builder, Landing Page Builder, and Vital Contest Campaigns. 

If you’re looking for an email marketing solution that is easy to use and scalable, look no further. To learn more about KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, visit their website. Sign up today and wave goodbye to cumbersome and expensive email marketing tools.

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