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Many of today’s successful businesses have been around for years, long before the Internet was a viable option for marketing a product. Although billboards, TV commercials, and print and radio ads have been successful in the past, they won’t have the impact they once did in today’s market. Many people no longer check the newspaper for movie times, they check places online. Many people no longer write letters by hand, they write emails electronically. Many people avoid garage sales when they can access Craigslist. While some may shy away from facts, this country and the rest of the world are becoming more dependent on technology every day. It is not something to fear or think about; there is something to take advantage with mandreel.com

Popularity of social media

It’s easy for anyone born after the 1980s to notice the growing popularity of social media, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify where the popularity of our world’s social media market will continue to move. People aged 20-29 use social media more than any other age group, with 41% spending more than 11 hours a week on social media sites. The 30-39 age groups is the next most frequent social media user base, with 37% of them also spending more than 11 hours a week on social media sites. While the younger age group will be more interested in social status on these networking sites, the older age group will focus on marketing and advertising.

Social networks make this easier than ever since they allow users to know their interests and what they feel most identified with. This allows gathering enough information about the consumer about their tastes and needs, making it easier to meet their preferences and provide them with the products and services they are looking for the visit (Www.mandreel.com)

Social media is the fastest marketing tool

Social media is the fastest growing marketing tool, and any business that doesn’t take advantage of its many capabilities could be at a disadvantage against its competitors. Waiting and not taking this fast-growing marketing tool is an opportunity companies are missing out on. Businesses are constantly evolving and so must marketing campaigns to keep up with the competition. So why doesn’t someone immediately engage in social marketing? It can’t be money, as most of these networks are free. It can’t be the experience, because one can outsource their social marketing for very little money. Most people just don’t know. They do not know what it is, nor do they understand its capabilities. But more importantly, they are unaware of the positive economic growth that will potentially occur in their company.


The Internet is providing the world with new products, capabilities and tools that were never possible before. Social media marketing offers the ability to potentially influence hundreds, thousands or even millions of people for a fraction of the cost of older marketing methods. It is the responsibility of today’s entrepreneurs to focus on the future of each market and the direction it is headed.

In short, marketing on social networks or social media marketing can be very beneficial for all types of companies. The point is that you have to know how to manage it. And if you don’t know or don’t have time, it’s still a good idea to hire a Mandreel Agency for digital marketing.  

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