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Are you ready to download Windows 10 Activator but don’t know if KMSPico is safe or not? We will! I am writing this article to help all my viewers understand this tool. However, there are many more questions that people are asking online on various forums.


That’s why I thought of creating a complete guide to confusing questions. That’s why if you’re looking for answers or trying to download tools, you’re afraid of viruses. Then you will probably have to stick to the end of this article to clear up all the confusion.

KMSPico is a completely secure tool used to enable Microsoft products such as Windows and Office. This tool has been tested before it is published on our website. With this great tool, users can activate any of their products without having to buy serial keys from Microsoft.


The reason is simple because, unlike other tools, Baixar Kmspico uses the same technology that Microsoft uses as a key management system. With this technology, the tool creates a port on the user’s computer and then assumes it is part of an official KMS server.

This way, when a user installs a new Windows or Office, the product is automatically activated without pressing a button. This means that no third party method has been used by this tool and that is why KMSPico is now available on the Internet as a safe and secure tool.

What is KMSPico virus?

KMSPico is a virus and malware free online activation tool available to activate your Microsoft products in a short time. However, rumors are circulating in various forums that there is a virus in KMSPico which is a completely false and meaningless rumor by some random people.

But the truth is that this tool does not contain any kind of malicious code and it is completely safe and secure from other viruses. Even the virus has been scanned from the Total website and does not show any malicious code. In addition, this tool is used by our members and after a while they did not find anything suspicious.

Because many tools are already available that contain viruses that can steal your personal information. In this way, we’ve freed KMSPico from these unwanted things so that our users can enjoy Windows and Office for free. To avoid being infected with infected devices, it is recommended that only the links provided on this website be used.

Is KMSPico wrong?

When it comes to whether KMSPico is illegal or legal, the answer may depend on the circumstances. For example, if a user uses this tool only to activate their Windows, that’s fine. This tool is safe to use and will not do anything illegal until you start selling it.

There are many people who sell this tool and make a profit from it which is illegal. This is commonly known as product piracy, where consumers are selling illegal licenses instead of buying from Microsoft. Although it is strictly forbidden to buy any Windows or Office enabled with KMSPico.

Alternatively, there are many websites on the Internet that cost some money to download this software. These types of websites are fraudulent and it is highly recommended that you refrain from visiting these websites and report them if possible and that your personal information is not used there.

Is KMSPico harmful?

Of course, KMSPico does not harm users’ computers because the virus is scanned by Total and some other online services. After checking this online, nothing was found in it and as we said earlier, like other tools, KMSPico does not change anything on your computer.

Instead, it simply creates a fake server on your computer that shows that your device is also part of Microsoft’s official KMS server. Alternatively, some people think that when KMSPico is installed on a system, it can steal your personal information and gain access to other drives.

This is a false claim because the tool does nothing and can no longer access drives other than C where it changes the address of the port. Although the user is suspicious, he may install the device when it is finished or licensed.

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