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Tesla’s cars are without a doubt one of the most advanced electrified cars today, which are available on the market. We could see the recent video in which the Tesla Model 3 was briefly transformed into a transformed into a “vessel”. Many literally watched with their mouths open as the electric car coped with the flooded roads, while conventional vehicles failed.

This time, Tesla’s autonomous control algorithm has fatally failed, showing the newest video on which pointing at portal Vosveteit. As you can see in the video published on the social network Twitter below, the technology of assisted control, Tesla Autopilot, interprets the Moon as a yellow traffic light.

“Hi Elon, maybe you and your team should take a look at this trick of the month that tricked the autopilot system. The car thought that the moon was a yellow traffic light and wanted to slow down, “the surprised driver writes on the social network Twitter.

Although it may seem like a minor or a smiling failure, the opposite is true. Autopilot, in confusing the identification of the moon with a traffic light, could potentially cause an accident on the highway, which could have fatal consequences. In any case, it is a raised warning finger that even the smartest algorithms we currently have may not be able to deal with every situation at the end of the day.

What do you think about this autopilot incident, do you think it’s a small thing or a big tramp?

Tesla FSD Mistakes Moon for Yellow Traffic Light

Tesla’s Autopilot driver-help framework has been available long enough to produce a lot of information about its capacity to distinguish (or not) approaching impediments, from different vehicles to different substantial constructions. Following quite a while available, the majority of the things that will, in general, befuddle Autopilot consistently have been genuinely all-around contemplated, if not totally wiped out from the program of things that will, in general, deliver startling responses from the framework. A portion of the more noteworthy things have would in general be street path markings, since Autopilot has depended on them to control itself inside a path. Fire engines stopped in roadway paths while reacting to crisis calls have been another normal enemy for the framework. 

One issue we hadn’t actually seen up to this point—since traffic sign acknowledgment has not been initiated for a critical timeframe as a piece of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite—is the framework confusing the moon with a yellow traffic signal. 

A Tesla proprietor as of late posted a video showing the Full Self-Driving framework mistaking the Moon for a yellow traffic signal, which was inciting the vehicle to back off. 

Obviously, the yellow color of the Moon could be identified without control fire smoke in the climate over pieces of the US, so maybe this issue will not be one of any consistency, yet we had pondered in the past about different semi-independent frameworks’ capacities to recognize and effectively recognize and react to traffic signals, as such frameworks have shown up underway traveler vehicles. Tesla’s framework did not depend on camera sight alone, as it additionally depends on map information of crossing points and light areas, with the framework intended to back the vehicle off for every identified light. 

All things considered, we’d be more worried about such frameworks effectively reacting to traffic signals that apply explicitly to them and vehicles in their paths, as certain crossing points can be exceptionally intricate or situated excessively near one another for traffic signal acknowledgment frameworks to select the right ones. Obviously, traffic signals can on occasion be situated before other far-off traffic signals, or in the midst of a tangle of other traffic signs, as in reality convergences can have a wide range of lights applying to different paths of traffic. Self-governing designers have additionally needed to battle with crossing points where traffic signal positions are either excessively high and excessively near the front of the vehicle to be seen by the camera-based frameworks deciphering them. Different light conditions can likewise effectively meddle with all camera-based frameworks, not simply tesla’s.

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