Tue. May 28th, 2024

We can feel and analyse the competition in the offline market. Maybe, this is because we can easily see the number of outlets of clothing, jewellery, and groceries in one market. At the same time, offline entrepreneurs also have ways to enhance their services to keep the customer engaged, as they can seek feedback from the customers directly.

Well, setting up an online business may seem to be easy, but only the ones who are practicing it knows the reality away from myth. Now, even if the company is flourished with its efforts, it becomes challenging to stay amongst top service providers of your domain.

It is because there is a lack of an effective system to keep track of what customers feel about your services. Everyone tries to use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to ease up their journey of becoming a brand, but how to use the system for your benefits, upgrade the system, and revise is still a big question.

It is where Ascribe plays its role. It not only provides you with the standard tools for web marketing and designing, but it also helps you to keep the insights into your products and services. How? Let’s know.

How Ascribe Helps You Improve Your Image in Online Market, and Build the Trust of the End-User? 

For instance, let us consider, how do we make self-improvements? Well, there can be a very logical answer to it that can be described in four easy steps.

  • Self-analysis
  • Gathering information about the problems or the areas that need improvement
  • Finding the solution to the issue, and
  • Finally, the most important thing is the Implementation of unfolding.

Your business, in no way, is different. It also has the same method of working on getting a satisfactory outcome. However, there is a minimal difference in business. The user uses the products and services you deliver. Thus, the analysis is necessary on both ends. It is where Ascribe comes into existence.

Most of us are aware of the ways to seek feedback from the customers. We can use varied efficacious channels to note customer feedback, such as

  • Open-end surveys on social media
  • Gaining information through customer service call centers
  • Getting the data via the voice of the customer
  • Customer Experience and numerous other processes

Now, you have the data through multiple channels, how will you gather it at a place, and initiate the analysis. Well, Ascribe offers you an amazing tool to reveal the crucial insights about your organization using Verbatim Comments.

Verbatim Comments

Verbatim Comments refers to the feedback of the customers by various means. This tool helps you to:

  • Collect the data
  • Analyse the information
  • Visualise the changes, and
  • Lastly, act upon the vision.

More about Ascribe

Well, you have one more channel between the vision of your company and the users, i.e., your employees. The employees are the ones who are the real assets of your company, the people who convert your image to reality.

Therefore, for the effective implementation of your ideas, and to introduce the changes in your existing products and services, it is essential to know the employees’ points of view.

Thus, the tool by Ascribe helps you to maintain, analyze, record the feedback of not only the customers but also the human resource of your company. Now, you have the complete insight of:

  • What you are doing
  • How you are doing
  • When you are doing
  • What are the demand and the supply
  • Are the demand and supply chain working effectively
  • Does the user appreciate your services
  • Are you delivering the expected work atmosphere to your team
  • What are the improvements proposed by the end-user
  • How can you convey the changes to your team
  • In what ways these changes can be introduced
  • Is the difference delivered successfully,
  • What is the feedback on the renovation?

Well, in short Ascribe gives you a complete handout of your strengths and weaknesses. You can think over the gap and propose changes. Apart from that, you can also plan out ways to highlight your strengths, so that your shortcomings are suppressed.

Becoming a brand is a dream for every service provider online and offline. Converting it into reality takes genuine efforts of the company that works productively.

For online companies, startups or developed Ascribe has everything in the box to maintain your rankings or to improve your ranks.


There are many startups introduced daily online. Only a few are recognised and maximum collapse. So, in the end, irrespective of the competition and the domain you serve, it is your call how you want to perform.

Your dedication and selection of advanced technology such as Ascribe can surely be a way to stand out in the crowd. To know more about the tool and its working, the team Ascribe is always on feet to guide you.

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