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Many women like to wear jewelry because jewelry is exquisite and gorgeous, which can better set off their beauty. In order to meet the aesthetic needs and economic capabilities of different women, there are more and more jewelry styles on the market. Wearing fine cheap custom name necklace is no longer the patent of the rich. Ordinary women can also choose jewelry at affordable prices in the jewelry store. But not all jewelry can play a supporting role. Choosing the wrong jewelry will only affect our temperament. Therefore, women wear jewelry, these 3 kinds are best not to wear, it looks cheap and affects temperament.

  1. High imitation jewelry

Some of the high-quality imitation jewelry can be said to be very realistic, and it is much cheaper than the price of real solid gold name necklace, so this makes many people who cannot afford real jewelry have more choice. After all, it ’s unavoidable to see others having their own sweetheart. They also want to dress up beautifully like other people. There is nothing wrong with dressing up beautifully, but what we should pay attention to is that imitation jewelry is actually fake, which looks cheap, and it affects one’s temperament when worn.

  1. Sargent

Although Sargent has gold, it is not real gold, just ordinary jewelry. However, it is also very popular, mainly because it looks like gold, and it is cheap. The price of a large gold custom name necklace cheap made of Sargent is less than one-tenth of the real gold, and it is easy to falsify the truth and let yourself proud when go out at the party.

But Sargent was also easily recognized. The main reason is that its hardness is very high, and real gold is soft metal. These two have a big difference today, and the texture looks different from real gold. In fact, the current real gold personalized name necklace also has a relatively low price. If you can’t afford large items. It is also good to buy smaller ones, not necessary to buy large ones, but looks fake Sargent.

  1. Gold-plated

Finally, it is gold-plated. As the name implies, only a thin layer of real gold is on the outside, and a large piece of it is full of other substances. It looks like a real gold necklace and name bracelet. Therefore, most people can’t see it when they are taken outside, and they will feel that the whole bar is true. However, the hardness of the metal inside is generally 6 times higher than that of real gold, which means that if the two collide with each other for a long time, the gold will start to lose, and the essence inside will be exposed.

Women wearing jewelry all hope to play a icing on the cake. No one wants to wear jewelry to look cheap and not temperament, so it is best not to wear the above 3 types of

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