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As a serious gamer, you know that there are thousands of games available in the market you could play. This does not mean that all games are of the best quality, feature the best content, or are of your preference. It could take you ages to sieve through the many games to find your best. An easy way to identify a game worth your time is to start with the most popular games. There are several ways to objectively measure the quantities of games sold to determine the most played games of all time. One way is to consider the name recognition of a game and the fond memories among other gamers. To spare you the energy, here are the top most played games of all times:


The Overwatch game has a creative stance on the first-person-shooter style. The characters of the game are beautifully designed, and the constant stream of new maps, events, heroes, and skins since its release has kept several gamers hooked on the game. Players buy Over Watch boosting services for the game all over the world.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

If you haven’t yet played the GTA 5, then you haven’t yet out your vertagear triigger 350 to good use. The adrenaline-filled action game has gotten some parents and anti-videogame-violence advocates feeling irked about it, but the game has more than made a name for itself, since the GTA 1, all the way to 5.


Anyone interested in the gaming industry knows of Minecraft. It is one of the most popular games ever made, with a huge number of the gaming population fully sold out to it. The popularity of the game is so much that today, companies are building office buildings inside Minecraft on private servers.


Breaking the record of gaming with the most active users at a go, PUBG is worth every minute. Being the last man standing in an abandoned area, as you collect weapons, kill enemies is the thrill of this game. The developers of the game launch updates that come with additional content, including new weapons, which spices up the game even more.

World of Warcraft

Another very famous game is World of Warcraft, popularly known as WOW. The game creates a whole new world for players. Since its launch in 2004, the game became a lifestyle, with an entire culture of its own.

Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green

Nintendo has definitely had a big break with Pokemon, which the world cannot seem to have enough of. Millions of copies have been sold for this game since 1996 in Japan. The red and blue series has completely changed the gaming world, considering the mobile apps, long-standing handheld favorites, and animé series.

Wii Sports

If ever there is a game that brought both gamers and non-gamers together, it is the Wii Sports game. The very simple game went above and beyond in achieving accessibility and renowned household recognition than any other game. The game is super fun for all ages and has sold a ton of copies over time.


Tetris features as one of the addictive games of all times. The game is one that has been there long enough, since 1984, which is why the name recognition is no surprise to most players. This pop culture icon of a game keeps evolving year after year, with new hit releases like The Tetris Effect and Tetris 99. The availability of different mobile games is what has made this game stand the test of time.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds quickly became the game of the year when it was first released. The game was quickly appreciated by all people, including kids and adults, with a lot of apparel to thumb-stamp the game, including dolls, T-shirts, hoodies, to mention a few.

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