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The long-ago predicted things have come into reality today and a complete vast change in perspective of living, working, researching even food growing has gone tremendous changes. A great revolution in the interaction among things, objects, human and technology has been brought. No doubt the future belongs to the machine world and robotics. A third big revolution in the history of human beings is on the edge to occur in few years juts. The first revolution was industrial then technology revolution and ultimately the big one the revolution of “internet of things”.

So the question arises what is “Internet of things”? When we talk about the internet of things we mean that internet of everything, no matter how small or big, how far o wide the thing is. Sometimes IOT is also called the internet of everything or the internet of all the things. It is just virtual connectivity between devices, objects, and human beings. One can use IOT as long as the objects are connected to the internet and require technological infrastructure. In simplest worlds, IOT will merge real-time things with virtual reality and digital world.

In the definition of IoT, the object means everything we find around us like cars, automobiles, shoes, shopping malls, clothes, devices even maybe at some point food too. Internet of things has the capability to connect infinite no of devices at the same time using the internet. Basically, it is a virtual network of physical things to exchange data for better world decisions.

The data calculated between technical devices using the internet will be used to make accurate and rational decisions in the future. Though the IOT is much more than just internet and objects.

Together all this intelligent data will make decisions more accurate and customer oriented. Then the whole world will become an interesting global village. This data opens opportunities for significant value creation and revenue generation.

IOT System

IOT systems are little different than other information management systems that require new approaches to investment goals and business values as well as to enhance the productivity at low-risk factor. These below-written factors are believed to bring revolutionary changes in higher education.

Cloud computing

Many universities are approaching cloud-based storage to manage their metadata. Those institutes are also using hybrid systems for their storage panels that contain computing facilities. Millennial has proved the most tech-savvy generation in the case of higher education so far. With the rise of mobile and tablet computing students and institutes can be virtually connected in every corner of the world. Most of the time students have three core devices to be connected to enterprisers like mobile, tablet and laptop. So, currently, computing infrastructure is hybrid in case of cloud-based storage. With seamless connections and services, cloud storage is believed to be the most core services of information technology.

Technology hire

With the rise in use of technology and automated devices technology advancement will be bigger than ever. The growing use of learning management systems students is using technology for research and virtual classes. Also geographically dispersed students can collaborate remotely. So to make it more useful one can hire these devices for its time of use. One time a big investment can be saved aside if students go towards technology hire facilities. In many cosmopolitan cities of the world, laptops Rental is becoming popular for hiring services.

Instructional technologies

The vast use of learning management systems such as Blackboard and mobile is producing a big amount of structural but somehow un-Structured data including audios, videos, and graphics. So to study human behaviors patterns one can achieve goals by just having his history of search and connectivity to the internet.

Web or live streaming allows students to get an education at any spot at any time on-demand whenever necessary. IOT no doubt will most customized and agile technology in the near future.

. Other than that iPad hire is also a unique service provider from which you can rent a modern facility for a certain period of time then you give back after using.

Research computing

Higher education continues to benefit from modern technologies and cloud-based storages to cover BIG data. Well, the cost of hardware will be diminished and software virtual facilities will become more and more popular. Engineering laboratories, prototypes, and devices like virtual beta testing are no more than a miracle in human history to perform analysis and research. Even tiniest microorganisms and particles can be seen and controlled by robotics. Social science researches intrigues by the increasing amount of BIG data by social and digital media.

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