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Know which Wallet to choose for maximum profit

An eWallet is nothing different from a common online bank account, containing unique passwords, secret keys and encrypted codes through which the transactions of our Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. are authorized from time to time.

As we will see, there are various types of eWallets , each of which performs the same function, namely that of keeping the “keys” to access our Bitcoin funds. Before going to review some of the main ” eWallets ” in circulation, let’s briefly explain the differences that exist between the three different types of portfolios ( Hardware, Web and Desktop ).

When we talk about electronic wallets ( eWallet ), we refer to an electronic container in which the “credentials” for accessing the Cryptocurrency network (alphanumeric codes) necessary for the transaction of the Cryptocurrencies are kept.

These credentials are nothing more than alphanumeric strings formed by more than 30, between characters and numbers (private keys) , and serve to represent in concrete terms the quantity of Cryptocurrencies held at that time.

For obvious security reasons, therefore, the “private keys” must be kept in a safe place (in the wallets precisely) and must also be protected by a password to prevent the theft or loss from causing the total loss of our money.

Let’s briefly see what are the main features of these wallets , and highlight what advantages in terms of IT security they offer us.

Hardware, Web or Desktop : different types of eWallet

To store, exchange or accept Bitcoin, we can choose to rely on 2 different types of eWallet :

  • Hardware Wallet ;
  • Desktop Wallet .

Three types of eWallets aimed at the same function, but different in features.

The ultimate purpose of any bitcoin trading software like the german software is to be able to represent a safe and highly protected place to store large amounts of Bitcoin in some cases.

Wallets Hardware ( Hardware Wallet )

Hardware wallets are devices similar to very common USB sticks (those, so to speak, that we use to store our files ), but which are actually devices designed to store cryptocurrency in an absolutely secure way.

  • In order to be used, the Hardware wallets need to be connected to a computer or other device capable of reading the contents.
  • This type of wallet has a very high degree of IT security, and we believe it is the best choice to make to keep your own cryptocurrencies.
  • Without a doubt this type of Bitcoin wallet represents the maximum in terms of security and ease of use.
  • A Wallet type Hardware , is a device very similar to a common USB stick.
  • The great advantage of a Wallet Hardware is given by the fact that these are kept ” offline ” and connected to the internet only when we decide to carry out operations with Bitcoins.
  • The Wallet type Hardware represent an effective solution to effectively conserve our Criptovalute away from Hacker, Virus and Malware specifically created by ill-intentioned web.
  • With this in mind, we point out the names of Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey , among the most used Hardware wallets on the cryptocurrency market and that, in particular, of Bitcoin.

Wallets Desktop ( Desktop Wallet )

Finally, the Desktop type wallets are nothing more than software through which we manage to store and manage our cryptocurrencies directly on our PC, smartphone or other Android or iOS system.

These kinds of Wallets are structured in such a way that anyone is able to keep their “private keys” in their respective computers. A Desktop type wallet also called “Desktop Wallet” is represented by a software called “Client” , which has the task of providing users with a clear and simple graphical interface through which to manage Cryptocurrency transactions.

Many of the companies that develop Bitcoin, Ethereum etc … wallets of the ” Hardware ” and ” Online ” type previously seen, also offer specific Apps and software through which we can transform our computers into electronic platforms capable of receiving and storing Bitcoins.

Although from a cybersecurity point of view this still represents a less secure choice than the previous ones, many prefer this choice.

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