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Let me ask you a question. Which is the best computer in the market?

Laptop or desktop!

The answer is none and both. Laptops are expensive and portable, on the other hand desktops are cheap and long lasting.

An average lifespan of a laptop is around 3-5 years whereas a desktop can run for 10+ years without much maintenance.

As a gamer, a high specs gaming desktop will be the best but as a marketing student you would probably like to have a professional and decent looking laptop that can fulfill the need of communication, presentation, store data securely and need portability so you can carry in call, office or a client meeting.

But, which computer is exactly the best?

Well, it depends on what you want to do with it. If you are a student who has to carry a laptop to class, sure laptop can be a good option.

If you are a student who already has a laptop and is considering upgrading a highly efficient, low cost maintenance, get a gaming desktop.

And if you are someone who does not have any computer, has to attend classes and want to carry in a bag as well as want to do gaming, it’s recommended that you look at some of the list of best gaming laptops and choose the one that fulfills the need of portability of gaming and schooling/college.

Resource: See list of best gaming laptops for India, USA, Canada

Let’s dive into the details

As when you take suggestions from your cousins, friends, & other near dear ones.

Most of them will advise you about buying a laptop because they feel it’s portable and easy to use but what they forget is it’s expensive to maintain and may get broken.

Let’s take a scenario

What would happen if you split coffee on a keyboard of laptop

  1. The laptop may get ruined
  2. You need to visit service center to replace
  3. It might have affected the motherboard
  4. It will cost a lot of money, atleast $50 or more

What would happen if you split coffee on a keyboard of a desktop


Features of a Laptop that you don’t have in a Desktop

  1. Battery
  2. Portable
  3. Foldable

Fixed Graphics Card

When we talk about clarity, a graphic card comes to mind. Although every laptop has inbuilt graphics, quality can be increased by purchasing a high-level graphics card.

When to go for a laptop?

As mentioned earlier, both laptops & tablets are good in different fields of education.

Fields in which laptops are beneficial for works like

  • When you have to carry it
  • Portability is a concern
  • Need everything in hand
  • Okay to spend more for management

These are fields where laptop performance is tremendous because of its advanced features.

Features of a Desktop that you don’t have in a Laptop

  • Upgradation flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Flexibility to storage and
  • Cooling system flexibility

When to go for a Desktop?

Desktop is good for home, great for gaming and comes with next level flexibility.

  • Gaming
  • Reliability
  • Want a long lasting system

Which one is better for students?

Well, of course, an MBA is a marketing line and none of its work is technical. Most of the work is in the office and requires communication with other teams. It is always better to have a laptop if you are a student and not a gaming freak.

In case you have a smaller budget and are considering to invest in a system that remains reliable and remains easy to upgrade then you should consider buying a desktop.

Who are the leaders in the computing industry?

The following table contains the trends and leader as per sales in FY 2019. (Source: WikiPedia)

Rank Manufacturer Market share
1 Lenovo 24.1%
2 HP 22.2%
3 Dell 16.8%
4 Apple 7.0%
5 Acer 5.7%
6 Asus 5.5%

Considering the reliability and value for customers, we think apple did a very good job til 2014 followed by HP and dell. Lenovo on the other hand has delivered poor quality hardware. In case you want a secure system and care about data, we recommend avoiding Lenovo, as it is a chinese company and delivers poor quality hardware at low price.

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