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To find out how reliable SMS providers are and whether your messages are delivered to the phones of customers around the world, you can use a special service. It allows you to measure the quality of sending messages and their routes. If you choose to send a test SMS, it helps to optimize routing and increase the number of messages delivered to your addressee. Text message tester is capable of generating a report on information about the operation of test items during a test. You can identify problems with bulk messaging to reduce the negative impact on the effectiveness of sending notifications. Testing SMS allows you to verify the following aspects:

  • whether your message reached the recipient;
  • an actual or fake phone number was used;
  • whether the data of the SMS-center has changed;
  • whether the correct route has been chosen;
  • which route was used to send traffic;
  • whether the sender ID matches the original message.

A test text message will allow you to build a more effective advertising campaign, as it will save you some questions. You will no longer worry about messages not being delivered to the addressee. An advertising or newsletter will be delivered to a selected group of potential or regular customers who are interested in communicating with your company.

SMS Test Platform Features

SMS testing allows you to minimize monetary losses because of the traffic that is not delivered to your recipient. Using special software will allow you to select only the correct routes with the possibility to receive the status of sending messages.

You will be able to notice an increase in the number of delivered messages after sending an SMS test beforehand. The test message will allow you to determine the routes of your messages. The selected routes will comply with the regulated standards and will ensure the maximum delivery speed of your mass mailings.

The performance of SMS traffic will increase significantly, which will lead to lower costs and a noticeable increase in your company’s profits. You will be able to see the change in the results of your marketing campaign in the reports received after sending a test SMS.

You will see a significant cost reduction after you identify your issues with delivery. You will more likely get a negative result if you send your newsletter to unverified numbers. Pre-test your database, and with relevant user numbers, your marketing campaign will quickly generate visible results.

You can use a test international number to send messages, and you will get test results in real time. Your SMS traffic will be monitored all day long without interruption. The testing platform is great for obtaining the information you need quickly in order to help you choose the perfect marketing strategy.

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