Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Latest COVID Updates - Regeneron's COVID Treatment lowers the Risk of Death up to 70%

A large-scale study done recently reveals that Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail cuts the risk of hospitalization and death to a great extent; the company said in a statement. The research took place among more than 4000 patients recently infected COVID 19 patients. It found that the drug combo known as REGEN-COV cuts the risk of hospitalizations and deaths up to 70%. It also reduced the average time to recover from the infection from two weeks to 10 days. According to experts, this is a turning point in the battle against the pandemic.

The number of COVID 19 infections is increasing at an alarming rate. In such an instance, the country can adopt this combo as standard treatment for high-risk patients. Doing this will save from the dire consequences of the disease, experts feel.

An independent board is yet to review the results. Eli Lilly too had announced similar results in the past.

In the meantime, the US reported 2,926 new cases of the new variants in a single week. This is higher than the cases the country reported in the previous three months combined, says CDC. From Sunday, the number of reported instances of new virus variants is 1,143. This takes the total number to 7,781 in the country. According to experts, these variants are more contagious and may have the power to evade the body’s immune system.

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The worst situation is now in Michigan. And it is spreading fast in its communities, not in its prisons. According to CDC, the State added another 371 cases of the new variants. Most of these appear to be delayed information from last week. The number is on the rise in the State. And the instances of the new variants have now tripled. The only ray of hope is that the situation is not that bad in almost all other parts of the country. New Jersey and Massachusetts are the other States with the high number of instances of the new variants of the virus.

Much of the country, in the meantime, is moving close to President Biden’s target; vaccine for all. Texas will open its vaccine eligibility to include all adults on Monday. This comes within two weeks after it expanded its vaccine eligibility to all above 50. As per the scheme, all Texans above 16 can receive vaccination.

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New York will open its vaccine eligibility to all above 50 by Tuesday. Florida has announced that it will follow suit on Monday enabling all above 50 to receive vaccination. The move is welcome news because the cases of the new variants of the virus are on the increase here. Arizona will expand its vaccine eligibility to include all above 16 from Wednesday. However, it will be limited to the sites the government operates in Maricopa, Pima and Yuma counties. Georgia will jump on the bandwagon on Thursday. The States of Alaska and Mississippi have already done this. Numerous other States announced that they will do it in the weeks ahead.

The White House too is supporting the momentum. It will ship 27000000 doses of the vaccines in the coming week. This is three times higher than what the President promised when he took charge.

The nation’s coronavirus response coordinator, on a conference call with the governors, announced that the White House will supply 23000000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and 4000000 doses of the J&J’s single doses will be distributed the next week. In this, 18000000 doses will go directly to the States. Much of the remaining doses will go to retail pharmacies. And the rest will go to the community health centers. The government expects the flow of vaccines to increase in the coming days. It is in this light that States have expanded their vaccine eligibility to include all adults.

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