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Kitchen Remodel

A bunch of memories sprouts daily within the edges of that little area called, kitchen. It is more than just a room in your house. A kitchen remodel is among the simplest ways to increase the appeal of any house. But what does that mean? And what does one expect to happen as a result?

Understanding the process is far more important.

Kitchen Remodel San Diego

Kitchen Remodeling San Diego is an intricate and extensive job. Even if you intend to do some work yourself. At some stage of the work, you’ll surely need to hire help for specialized services like plumbing. People usually hire professional services for kitchen remodeling. Apart from that, though you don’t have to do all the work yourself, knowing how to choose the best way to remodel a kitchen will help you execute it more efficiently.

In San Diego finding a contractor for kitchen remodeling is a strenuous task. The cost of a kitchen renovation can easily increase to six figures or even more when it comes to taking the services of a general contractor. In other case, if you decide to carry out this renovation yourself, it will take months not weeks to finish the job. Throughout that period, you will be living without a kitchen. Both ways it is a hard nut to crack.

Recommended Kitchen Remodeling Trends in San Diego


Just have a look at some ‘go-to’ kitchen remodel trends in 2021

Opt for Darker Shades

Unlike previous years, dark shades are the hot trend of 2021. After almost a decade-long span of bright and white tones, finally, homeowners are now much more interested in darks and blacks for kitchen remodeling. It gives a more cozy appeal to your kitchen.

Open Shelves

Open shelving has always been trendy, but this concept has attracted more appreciation nowadays. People admire this idea, whereas previously they were concerned about the storage space being compromised due to open shelving, but now they are very much convinced that it does not hamper the functionality of the kitchen and adds more beauty to the entire look.

Art Work

Art is never out of fashion. Adding a little artistic touch to your kitchen wall & panels, framed portraits, etc. will undoubtedly be a cherry on the top. Also, it beautifully depicts the classy taste of the people living in it.

Vertical Backsplashes

When compared with previous horizontal backsplashes trends, vertical ones are now much more in the boom. Vertical backsplashes add a sleeker and more stylish look to your kitchen.

Retreat from the open kitchen

Well, if you have been a fan of open kitchens, sorry it’s time to shift your interests. Open kitchens are not in trend this year. This recent pandemic Covid-19 developed the concept of work from home. Having all of their office work at home, people need more privacy and calmness, and open kitchens can be a little discomfort while doing so.

Double Shaded Cabinets

Cabinets are the most attractive part of any kitchen. People are very much particular about its color scheme. This year two shaded cabinets are a go-to trend and add a twist to your aesthetics. It gives a more vibrating look and, also removes the monotony of single-toned cabinets used previously.

Tech-Friendly Kitchens

Like all other aspects of our day-to-day life, technology has gained its place in kitchen remodeling as well. Today, technology has entered almost into every function related to kitchen appliances, be it lighting, or faucets, or fridges. Most of these gadgets are coming with motion or hand sensors, making them more technology-oriented. It is going to be a hit trend in 2021.

Wooden Flooring

Hardwood flooring is going to be a real craze this year. It enhances the simpler and natural appeal of your kitchen. Manufacturers are more focused on adding textured wooden patterns even to their ceramic tiles. These tiles are easier to clean. Therefore, if you have durability issues with wood material, you can easily meet both your requirements by opting for wooden ceramic tiles.

Cost of Kitchen Remodel in San Diego

In San Diego remodeling a small kitchen usually costs an average of $19,000, whereas, big kitchen remodel in San Diego cost about $60,000 on average. However, lavish and luxury work can cost well over $100,000. Indeed, this is a big thing with a hefty price tag to match, but we cannot ignore the value it adds to your property.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2016 Cost vs. Value Survey, a mid-range to an upscale major kitchen remodel in San Diego will recoup about 60-65 percent of the cost, respectively. Knowing that the handsome number of bucks you are going to pay, do your proper research before hiring any contractor. Take estimations from different companies for price comparisons, also ask for references and demos of their work done previously.

 Summing up,

Having said that kitchen remodeling is an arduous job, the cost is high and it takes a fair share of your time to complete this whole exercise. But a radiant and freshly renovated kitchen is worth the effort. It not only gives you the satisfaction of living but also increases the real estate value of your house. Perhaps it’s the right time to redesign your home, with kitchen remodeling being the primary focus.


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