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Plants need a lot of nutrients, time, care, love and space. Yes! Space… Believe it or not! Plants do need space. One of the biggest anti-privacy entities in your lawn is the weeds. They may be green in color, yet they are something you don’t want in your beautiful lawn. It is because weeds can take nutrients from the soil and breach plants private space. 

Depending on where they grow; weeds can take a variety of forms. 

In this post, let’s dive deep into different type of weeds. Knowing about weed can help millions of lawn-owners to protect their plants from colonization and domination. 

Note: Weeds have incredible survival techniques. So, before they hit the worst-case scenario it’s better that you learn about lawn care in Cumming. Keep numbers of few vendors handy so that when it’s time, you’d know who to call. 

That been said, let’s move to understand weed identification and prevention. 

1. Winter Grass: The widespread of Winter Glass troubles thousands of home-owner around the world every year. The weed type is characterized by prolific seed production. If one seed appears; it quick germinates. You can easily identify winter grass from its pale green color and smooth leaves. 

Control Measure: There are two methods to control winter grass. One is post-emergent and another one is pre-emergent herbicide control. Go with the post-emergent method if the seeds have germinated. Otherwise, as parts of the pro-active approach go with a pre-emergent method to control sees before it germinates. 

2. Crowsfoot Grass: It is a kind of weed which can grow in spring, winters, summer and autumn. A short-lived weed like this one can grow up to 60cm tall. Its narrow leaf blades are mostly hairless. Crowsfoot grass can grow in almost every type of soil conditions. 

Control Measure: One way to control Crowsfoot is by using a pre-emergent herbicide. 

3. Crabgrass: By far it is one of the worst lawn weeds in the world. DO NOT HESITATE in removing it as soon as you spot it. It is easily noticeable by its wide leaf blade. Crabgrass has a grass-like appearance with tough stems and finger of the seed head. Its leaf blades grow faster than any other type of weed and become taller very fast. 

Every single weed seed sends out thousands of seeds. Crabgrass is said to be extremely prolific. 

Control Measures: To control Crabgrass you would need a regular year-round lawn mowing. Additionally, you will need pre-emergent herbicide in combination with fertilizer. 

4. Oxalis Weed: This kind of weed appears like a miniature clover plant. You can easily identify it by its tiny yellow flowers. Did you know? Some gardener occasionally grows Oxalis. For most of us, it is just another annoying weed. It a perennial weed which means it spreads through interlocking rhizomes. Eventually, rhizomes produce tiny bulbils. Oxalis weed can root potentially anywhere and once its stem touches the ground; more plants appear. 

Control Measure: You can remove Oxalis by hand. But, that would take hours of laborious time. Another way to do it is by using pre-emergent herbicide and common fertilizer. 

5. Summer Grass: This kind of weed is one of the fast-growing weed found around the world. The weed is easy to identify because of its brown and red in the color stem. You can also recognize it by the thin grey-green leaves with fine spiky seeds. It is recommended to remove summer grass immediately or you are in for a lawn service by professionals. 

Control Measures: It is hard to control Summer Grass once it appears. Also, it is not easy to prevent. The key is to keep feeding your lawn with fertilizer. 

There are a couple of more weed that can be a great problem for example Nutgrass, Paspalum and White Clover etc. For home-owner this information and learn more about weed can help set up preventive measures. 

But, what about when it’s too late for presentation and weed has already taken over your lawn? In such a case, chances are that you would need a professional assist. If you have any questions and concern or you want to learn more about how to keep your lawn safe, give Arbor Nomics Turf a call – it’s worth it. Get a free estimate today. 

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