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Healing Crystals

When someone gives you a present, they feel so overwhelmed when you keep it with care and close to your heart. And if that gift is a healing crystals gift set, you must know how to value their gift. Crystals are one of the most thoughtful gifts of all time. It means that the person giving you crystals wants to attract positivity around you. 

Healing crystals are not just pretty. They possess optimistic energy that helps you heal from within. Most of the healing crystals gift sets are a package of magnificent crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, along with smudge sticks that cleanse the aura of your place. Isn’t that sweet? 

Your friend gave you a pamper gift box from Australia. Now it is your responsibility to pamper those products to show that you care. 

Not many people know that the best way to enhance the effectiveness of crystals is by cleansing through the right technique. Just like our body and clothes, crystals require a proper cleanse to stay active all the time.

There are few stunning ways to cleanse your crystal:

Keep Them Under Moonlight And Sunlight:

One of the astronomical methods that deep clean your crystals is keeping them under the moon or sunlight. The cosmic powers of the sun and the moon sucks all the negativity from your healing crystals and become the vibrant energy source they are known for. Sun is the source that fills those crystals with energy, and the moon removes all the impurities.

You can consider this one of the easiest methods for cleansing crystals, as all you need to do is take them out from your healing crystals gift set and put them under the sky in a safe place. 

Detoxify Them With Salt:

Salt is a natural cleaner. The method is to bury your crystals in a salt-filled bowl overnight and then dust all the salt away in the morning. Before performing this technique, you need to research your crystal, as salt has some ill effects on stones like opal and turquoise. So kindly check the reaction of salt on your crystals.

Water Cleansing:

The conventional way of cleaning anything is with the help of water. However, in the case of crystals, the water clears them from the dust and fills the much-needed power inside them. Put a pinch of salt in the bowl of water and immerse your crystals fully in it for 2 to 3 hours. It is a simple but effective method to cleanse your favorite stones deeply.

Purify Them With The Energy Of Mother Earth:

Our mother earth is a natural healer. It has the properties to remove all the toxicity and negativity from your magic crystals. Bury them under the soil and let those crystals vibe with the energy of the earth. This method enhances the effectiveness and positivity of your stones.

Remove All The Negativity From Them Through Smoke:

The smoke of your incense sticks and dry herbs also have the power to remove all the negative energy from your crystals. Make sure that the herbs that you use are 

ethically and culturally appropriate before using this method. 

Wrapping Up:

Loving your crystals from your favorite crystal healing gift set is not enough. You must know the methods to cleanse them to increase their effectiveness. All of the above methods are easy and do not require any special tool or material for cleansing. Moon and the sun method restore all the energy in your stones. Salt can destroy some crystals, so you need to do proper research before performing this technique on your crystals. 

Now it’s your turn to give your friend a crystal gift set and a list of methods to cleanse those crystals.

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