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A podiatrist is a health care expert who specializes in the foot and ankle. Podiatrists prevent, diagnose, and treat foot problems such as sprains, fractures, bunions (misaligned big toe joints that swell and become tender), heel pain / spur (swelling and thickening that occurs on the sole of the foot). foot), warts, corns, neuroma (commonly enlarged nerves between the third and fourth toes), corns and other related cases.

Foot and Ankle Specialist

To become one of the foot and orthotics sydney doctors, a person must first complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree from a university, then transfer to a College of Podiatric Medicine that offers a Doctorate in Podiatry. After having obtained their Ph.D., one must go through hospital-based residency programs, which last two to three years foot and ankle doctor chattanooga. This process will tell the individual if he / she would be qualified to become a full-time podiatrist. After completing the 2-3 year course, they will have full medical and surgical privileges for the treatment of the foot and other related problems, although there are specific variations from state to state. Podiatrists treat a wide range of people, from children to adults, from television addicts to athletes, and many more.

There are categories in which podiatry is explained in more detail. These categories are diabetic foot care and wound care, pediatric foot care, biomechanics, and surgery. Many diabetics end up in podiatry hospitals as the future effects of diabetes are peripheral neuropathy and ulcerations, which affect the feet. Podiatrists use the most advanced modern wound machines to heal and assist people with foot wounds that can cause further infection. Ointments and dressings are also applied to the injured foot.

Meanwhile, pediatric patients who have trouble walking on tiptoe can also consult podiatrists. Since they specialize in foot and ankle and biomechanics, which are the abnormal function of the foot that can cause pain due to tendonitis, heel pain, and many others, a podiatrist can help lessen these deformities of the patient’s foot. Lastly, a podiatrist is licensed to perform surgeries. The ingrown toenail surgery can range from simple ingrown toenails to bunions and hammer toe correction (the toe is bent in a claw-like position), to amputations of infected parts of the foot.


Podiatrists, unlike other medical specialists, must have knowledge of dermatology, surgery, pharmacology, radiology, and neurology, as these specializations are somewhat related to the foot and ankle. They even treat fractures, skin and nail diseases, tumors, and ulcers. Podiatrists write their own prescriptions, read X-rays of their patients, and perform their own surgeries. They also prescribe therapies and perform diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and laboratory tests. There are more than 17,800 practicing podiatrists in the United States that you can find in a directory of podiatrists.

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