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Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre can be really challenging especially when you do not know how to handle it. 

An unexpected flat tyre can be a real problem in terms of hectic and nuisance ride and most importantly in terms of safety. Flat tyres are simply misfortune and you cannot stop them from occurring, so knowing precisely what to do when you get one is the key to it all. 

A punctured tyre can be a nerve-racking especially when you are in an incredible rush to get someplace. Moreover, it is extremely nerve-racking, when you have a spare tyre and you do not know how to replace it or when you have the tyre repair kit and don’t know how to patch up the existing punctured tyre hence making you wait for assistance. So do not be that guy and prepare yourself now for the worst that might haunt you in the future.

In a tyre blowout, there is a whoosh of air and your tyre suddenly blows out, however, a puncture(s)   in a tyre causes the steady deflation of the air from the tyre until you feel a bumpy and shaky ride. That is why until a driver realizes a puncture in tyre it already too late for the vehicle to travel any further. 

Ultimately, flat tyre can be very dangerous since it immensely compromises the performance of the vehicle especially handling and with it the safety of the vehicle.

Why tyre gets flat?

A flat tyre commonly occurs due to the following reasons:

  • A tyre being driven on a sharp object
    • Nails
    • Glass
    • Screws
    • Other sharp objects
  • Malfunction in valve stem due to damage
  • Over inflation of the tyre
  • External damage 
  • Excessive tread wear 
  • Tyre being not properly installed

Important notice

A puncher tyre measuring up to one-quarter inch can be fixed. Be that as it may, if the cut is in a sidewall cut or somewhat greater than a one-quarter inch the tyre fix is certifiably not possible hence replacing tyre is the only option left. In this case scenario, its best idea to call the roadside assistance to tow your vehicle to a nearby service centre. For example, the citizens of Abu Dhabi can replace a tyre at any certified service centre such as the famous tyre service centre of Bridgestone tyres Abu Dhabi.

Ways to handle an unexpected flat tyre

On the off chance that you have a punctured tyre in future, here is a guide to make sure that you are equipped with guidelines on the most proficient method to replace a flat tyre. 

How to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre

To follow the instructions on how to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre you obviously must have a spare tyre. If you do not have one you can purchase any cheap tyres Dubai and all around the world that are specifically made for temporary purposes while being reliable at the same time.

Safely park your vehicle

Ensure you drive to a safe zone before you replace your punctured tyre. Drive slowly to move away from passing traffic and various other risks. This action will guarantee your safety without harming the wheel edge.

Locate a hard and level surface to raise the vehicle via a screw jack. Before you begin, ensure the handbrake is on and the double indicators (hazard lights) are turned on. 

Following are some of the tools you need to have:

  • A jack
  • A lug wrench 

Some of the additional tools are:

  • A flashlight when you are replacing your tyre during the night time
  • Tyre gauge
  • Air pump
  • Gloves

Jacking up the vehicle

Place the jack underneath the vehicle appropriately according to the owner’s manual. When the jack is set up, gradually turn the handle clockwise until the vehicle’s weight from the punctured tyre is lifted –Keep on turning the jack handle until the punctured tyre is approximately 5’cm off the ground. 

Unscrewing the wheel nuts

Now its time to unscrew the nuts on the wheel that ties up the wheel to the wheelbase. By using the correct end of the lug wrench and applying power to the nut an anticlockwise way you will successfully unscrew the nut. You need to perform the same manoeuvre on every single of the nut on the wheel.

Make sure you are unscrewing the nuts with a straight back and a straight arm.  

Replacing the tyre

After undoing all the nuts on your wheel your tyre should come right off easily. Since you have now removed flat tyre its time to install the spare and healthy tyre in its place.

Lift up the spare tyre and fix all the wheel nuts by hand, beginning with the base nut, which will hold the wheel set up. Utilizing the wheel support, delicately fix the wheel nuts (it is most secure to completely tighten the nuts later when the vehicle has been brought down back onto the ground with its weight on the wheels). 

 Now turn the handle on the jack gradually to bring down the jack until the spare tyre takes the weights of the vehicle, at that point slide take the jack out from underneath the vehicle. 

For the last part in this phase tightly screw the nuts on the wheel in a clockwise rotation using the same end of the lug wrench.

Check the tyre pressure

Now check the air pressure of the spare tyre using a tyre gauge according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If needed, inflate (using air pump) or deflate (using a sharp ended screwdriver) the tyre accordingly. 

Notice: make sure that you understand the key limitation of a spare tyre since it is only for temporary purposes.

How to fix your flat tyre using Tyre Repair kit

In this section, we will learn how to repair your flat tyre using tyre repair kit. To begin with, you must have a tyre repair kit. You can purchase a tyre repair kit from a local or online tyre store.

Getting to safety

Initially, park your vehicle into safety and inspect for the availability of the tools as discussed in the section above – How to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre: Safely park your vehicle.

Jacking up the vehicle

You need to jack up your vehicle exactly as discussed in the section above – How to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre: Jacking up the vehicle.

Removing the tyre

Unscrew the nuts on the wheel as discussed in the section above – How to replace your flat tyre with a spare tyre: Unscrewing the wheel nuts. and then take down the tyre from the wheelbase.

Identify the leak in your tyre

Subsequently, you need to find the leak in your tyre by simply eyeballing the tyre for cracks and visible leaks, feeling the tyre surface using hands, or using a water soap mixture –by spraying the mixture onto the tyre thoroughly and then observing the tyre surface for bubbles you will find the leak in your tyre even in extreme cases.

Cleaning the leak

Now it’s time to use the rasp tool (incorporated in the tyre repair kit) to carefully and completely clean the leak. You can use the rasp tool by inserting the rasped end into the leak and performing the in and out action repeatedly until the inner surface of the leak is smooth and clean. 

Patching up the leak

After cleaning the leak, take out the plug and insertion tool –incorporated in the tyre repair kit. To patch up the leak pour adhesive on to the plug after installing it into the insertion tool. Then you need to insert the plug into the leak using inserting tool and pulling out the insertion tool back again while leaving the plug inside the leak hence creating an air-tight seal in a tyre.

Inflating the tyre and checking for leaks again

Inflate the tyre back to recommended tyre pressure using an air pump to inspect the tyre for any other possible leaks and especially a bad patch up. If everything seems good, install the tyre back again.

Calling roadside services for immediate assistance

On the off chance that you have neither spare tyre nor tyre repair kit or necessary tools, you should call the known and reliable roadside service helpline in order to acquire immediate assistance. 


Following are some of the things you should never do while dealing with a tyre:

  • Never get underneath the vehicle when the vehicle is jacked-up
  • Park your vehicle into a safe and legalized zone
  • Make sure your vehicle is parked on to a level surface
  • Use appropriate tools for the right job
  • Never attempt to replace a tyre or fix a flat one if you don’t feel confident
  • If you do not have appropriate tools for the job then do not experiment with incompatible tools especially the sharp ones.


By understanding the key guidelines above you will be able to handle an unexpected flat tyre confidently, since, few drivers, particularly the individuals who have quite recently finished their driving test, may not recognize what to do when their vehicle gets a flat tyre. So its always beneficial to be prepared and stay safe.

Remember, you ought to never attempt and replace a tyre if you do not think yourself qualified otherwise you could make things even more complicated for you. It is always a good idea to acquire roadside emergency services or contact a tyre service centre so they can dispatch remote assistance unit.

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