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LeMieux is a renowned manufacturer of all things horsey. Based in the United Kingdom, LeMieux has an extensive, fashionable, and functional collection of both horse and rider wear for all seasons. Our products are designed from durable fabrics which are comfortable both for the horse and the rider. We have expanded our collection to include show wear, accessories, and premium equestrian equipment for riders of all abilities and disciplines.

Matching Horse Sets by LeMieux

Lemieux is well popular for the matching horse sets that come in a variety of styles and stunning colours. They are stylish and elegant, with the set’s collection range including other things besides a combination of the saddle pad and fly veil. As the keen equestrians that we are, we understand that you take pride in the way you present your horse and yourself, and nothing beats donning matching riding outfits to make a statement.

Our comprehensive LeMieux matchy sets also include base layers, hat silks, head collar, lead, and boot in beautifully striking colours for every rider in every discipline. We have colors to suit every rider’s preference and your horse or pony colours. Whether your horse’s colour is Dun, Roan, Piebald, Chestnut, Bay, Grey, Palomino, Black, Appaloosa, or Skewbald, there will is always a set available for you and that is guaranteed to complement their colour. 

We have the ultimate, colorful Equestrian matching sets with colours to suit all seasons, all year round from summer, spring. For example:

  • For all-year-round wear, we have a classic colours collection in LeMieux Mulberry and LeMieux Ice Blue.
  • For the spring/summer collection, bright mint colours will sort your wardrobe. For this, we have AirTec UV Shirt, LeMieux Base Layer, Sleeveless Polo Shirts, and Polo.

Our Top 3 Picks from LeMieux Matchy Sets


  • LeMieux Mink


Our matchy mink range collection comes in a soft, creamy tinge that easily compliments a wide range of horse coats, and especially beautiful on bay horses. It is the color that spells luxury and opulence for horse wear. This range comes complete with a fleece jacket, dressage saddle pad, pompom hat, liberty baselayer, and a Loire fly hood.


  • LeMieux Paprika


The AW20 LeMieux collection has a new colour join the family- LeMieux Paprika! You know paprika is naturally spicy, right? Well, if you are a rider that loves to spice up your life and make a statement with your riding gear colours and be sure to stand out on the xc course, then the paprika colour collection is for you. This colour on this vibrant set is perfect for cross-country wear. The range comes complete with a Vogue headgear & lead rope, classic fly hood, hat silk, close contact saddle pad, and a base layer.


  • LeMieux Benetton Blue


This quintessential colour from the LeMieux matchy collection range is a classic. Loved by riders from different riding disciplines, the Benneton blue matchy set is perfect for eventing, dressage, and show jumping riders. The striking blue colour looks perfect on the cross country course, a striking colour that never to go out of time. The set comes complete with a dressage square, polo shirt, baselayer, brushing boots, and a signature fly hood.

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