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From ancient times, flowers have been used by the lovers to confess their love for their partners. It is also said that during the Victorian era, people who are love used to have their entire conversation by giving different flowers to one another. And, hence, it becomes a custom to confess love and all the heartfelt emotions with flowers only. That is why; whatever the occasion be varying from birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc; giving flowers to the partner is the easiest and simplest way to express the hearty emotions and feelings. If you also want to express your emotions to someone very special in life, then go for the flower delivery in Al Ain, Dubai, or across the UAE and send the token of your love.

Since every flower has a different meaning and symbolization; it becomes very important to know the meaning of the flower you are going to present your loved ones. For this, here is a list of most romantic flowers to express your love to your partner. One can choose from here to send flowers to Sharjah as well. So, check out the list given below:

  1. Peonies

These fluffy and cute flowers are the ones associated with deep love, romance, prosperity, Happiness, and bashfulness. They are also considered as good luck charm and giving them to someone means that they will bring good fortune in the lives to whoever they are given to receives them. They are considered as the best way to confess love.

  1. Roses

Well, talking about love and romance, how can roses be ignored? There is no chance as they are the most special flowers to express love and are also known as the epitome of love. And, undoubtedly, roses are the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, birthday anniversary, or whatever the occasion is. Available in various colors, it becomes even more interesting to express each of your emotions with roses.

  1. Tulips

Knows for the amazing shades and their unique shape, Tulips are the flowers that are known to symbolize the perfect love very elegantly. Representing comfort and warmth in a relationship, these flowers are surely the best pick for Valentine’s Day. Just like roses, Tulips are also available in many shades and can be used to express every emotion perfectly.

  1. Alstroemeria

Commonly known as Peruvian lilies, this is the flower that brings more life to the bouquet and every flower arrangement. The petals of this flower are the main attraction point and they are known to represent the long-lasting and never-ending friendship and love.

  1. Orchids

Having a long history of expressing and confessing love, the Orchids are the ones that symbolize deep and passionate love, beauty, concern, luxury, and strength. One interesting fact of orchids is that if anyone chooses orchids over roses are on the wilder side and are passionate lovers.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are the most preferred and considerable flowers from ancient times and till now, their charm is intact and the same as before. They are the marvelous flowers and also on the affordable side representing love and romance. They are also available in many colors each representing hearty emotion. From red to yellow to blue; choose whichever you want and you are done with a gorgeous bouquet.

  1. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisy is another best flower to say I love you to your partner. Gerberas are also rewarded as the fifth most popular flower in the world and this makes them such popular and preferred ones to express the heart.  A bouquet of red-colored Gerbera Daisies represents the desire of love and friendship.

  1. Sunflowers

With long stem and bright yellow color, sunflowers look amazingly beautiful and gorgeous. This flower is used to represent the warmth and happiness in a relationship and also giving them to someone means that you will be loyal to the person always. If you are planning to propose to someone, then you can surely consider a bouquet of sunflowers for this purpose.

  1. Lilies

Confess your love for her on this Valentine’s Day with a bunch of gorgeous lilies as they can beautifully express your love to your partner. Also, these are considered as the 30th Anniversary flowers as well.                                                

  1. Lilac

As the name represents, Lilac is a purple-colored flower that is used to represent the first love in life. If you are young, it means in your early teenage, then this flower variety is the perfect one for you to go with to express your new love to your partner. The purple or violet color is used to represent stronger love. Giving this flower on birthday, anniversary, or on Valentine’s Day will represent the memories of your first meeting.

  1. Irises

Irises look super cute and adorable in both ways when they are placed in a bouquet or given separately. Dark blue or purple-colored irises are the symbol of royalty and also speak of your heart. Apart from the blue shades, they are also available in white and yellow color and are known to represent hope and faith in a relationship.

  1. Gardenias

Known for their amazing fragrance, these decent and gorgeous flowers signify simplicity, purity, and joy. With this, these flowers also connote deep and passionate love. As these flowers are a little on the expensive side, giving these flowers to someone speaks of the importance of the receiver in the sender’s life and also these flowers show some historic connection between both.

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