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If the motive of your query ‘how to move a grand piano’ is DIY, you should read this article. While hiring piano movers for moving this beautiful-sounding musical instrument is the right decision you are going to make, moving piano DIY can be disastrous. Still, we will discuss the pros and cons of both. However, keep one thing in mind, a grand piano is a different type of cargo. This instrument has a unique design and different dimensions. This piano weighs from 300-pound to 1000-pound. There are 300-pounds pianos like spinet and there are 1000-ponds pianos such as grand concert pianos.   

There is a process involved when it comes to moving a piano properly. You will have to make some measurements. You will need some special tools and equipment for that. No doubt that you can attempt DIY. You can rent the required tools and equipment. You will not have to incur piano moving cost when you go for DIY piano move. We will see the pros and cons of both options. However, before that, understand the internal mechanism of the piano.

The intricate piano tells everything. There is a heavy cast iron plate sitting above the soundboard. This cast iron plate is holding the massive tensions of the piano strings. This component is the heaviest component of the piano.     

The harp of uprights and grand pianos is larger and heavier than the harp of a spinet or vertical piano. Mammoth-sized pianos are very difficult to move as compared to smaller pianos. It is not easy to move a piano through steep staircases or tight corners.

A DIY piano move is difficult. You are subjecting your body to the risk of damages and injuries. You will waste your time. In case you injure yourself, you will lose your working hours. And, if your piano is damaged, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it. Moreover, even when you have successfully moved a piano without any injury or damage, the mission is not accomplished yet. Soon you will find that the tune of the instrument is changed. It is good for you if you know how to tune a piano. In case you don’t know, you will have to count on professionals for that.

If you can tune the piano, you can save money by moving a small piano on your own. However, don’t try moving if your piano is a grand piano. There are special tools and equipment you need to move a piano of any type and size. These equipment include:

  • A piano dolly with heavy duty wheels                   
  • Piano straps
  • Thick and protective blankets
  • A vehicle with a ramp

Professional piano movers are trained and experienced. Moving a piano is a tough job. A DIY piano move can save money only when achieved without any injury and risk of damage and you can tune the instrument. Otherwise, don’t do that. The cost of repair is high. The possibility of permanent damage is also very high. You will have to worry about nothing if you are hiring professional piano movers. If you are searching ‘how to move a grand piano’ for hiring professional piano movers, it is good for you and your piano.

Sometimes you need to temporarily store your piano while moving. So, find a piano mover offering piano storage services as well.


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