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You wear your skin forever, there is no way back. This is why it is necessary to know your skin type, to get a healthy and glowing skin you need to use the right products that work best for your skin (especially your face). Different types of skin diseases might affect the look and cause bumps, rashes, and redness. You should better understand these mysteries that lie behind these diseases. And to get to know the causes, you should first be well aware of your skin type.


The main skin types are :

  • Normal
  • Acne-prone
  • Sensitive
  • Oily
  • Combination

Which category does your skin belong to? Don’t worry if you could not understand your skin type till yet. There is a simple and effective way that can help you with the journey. Here are a few steps :


Remove That Dirt And Makeup Off Of Your Face:

Do not forget to clean the dead skin cells, sweat, and makeup you’ve collected throughout the day. This can clog those pores to fill them with bacteria. Clogged pores often cause acne which is the worst scenario one can imagine. It is important to follow a proper skin care routine every day.


Prep Your Skin By Washing Your Face:

Use a little amount of a gentle cleanser and massage it onto your face. Be sure that you have covered the full face with the lather. After your done massaging with your fingers, use Luke warm water or cold water to rinse off the product. Pat dry your face be sure not to rub your face to avoid irritation and rash.


Avoid Touching :

Do not touch your face regularly. your hands may be carrying unwanted allergies and bacteria. It not only causes skin diseases but can also help ignore many respiratory diseases.

Examine Your Skin:

Use a tissue to pat your face after an hour, run it along the t-zone, and study the results. If the tissue collects oil, you may have an oily to combination skin. And if not, your skin may be normal. The T-zone comprises of your forehead and nose.

How It Feels:

The other way of determining your skin type is to know how it feels. If it feels dry and tight right after cleansing, then you belong to the dry skin type. Or if it feels cleaner and moist, your skin type may be oily for sure.

Sensitive skin may react to some cleansers and cause itchy and red skin. If you do not find any of these symptoms or phenomena, then congratulations. You belong to the low maintenance category that is the normal skin type.


When To See A Good Dermatologist:

Your skin is not only the largest organ, it also helps you by protecting you from bacteria and germs. It covers the blood vessels, nervous systems & other body organs that help keep you alive. If you are not feeling good in your skin and facing many problems, its time you consider visiting a dermatologist near you.

Dermatology is the field of medicine that is concerned with hair, skin, and nails of the human body. Consultant Dermatologist in Windsor are physicians that have the highest rank in training. They can help you with stubborn acne, dry or itchy patches, or any skin condition that may worry you. You should better think about seeing a dermatologist very soon.



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