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List of Engagement Ring Designs for You to Choose From in 2021

What if your to-be-fiancée is looking for a diamond-clustered ring; would you have an idea of what you need to look for? No, right! Can it be a three-stone engagement ring or a bombe engagement ring? It can be certainly any of the above. We do understand and know very well that shopping for the perfect rings for your going-to-be-fiancée can be daunting enough for all of us. From choosing the right metal to the diamond shape and so on, there is a lot that you need to count on whenever you are looking out for an engagement ring in Atlanta. These rings can be found in a wide variety and styles when you are looking for them in the market. From their prices to appearances, everything is vastly distinct. Based on this, we have listed different types of engagement rings that you can choose for your dearest partner. 

Solitaire Engagement Ring

From celebrities to a next-door girl, almost everyone has adorned this beautiful solitaire ring on their engagement. This single rock diamond-studded ring is certainly the most-amazing and quality jewel that you will ever come across. It looks simple, elegant, and exquisite enough to get all the eyes on it. The solitaire is shaped in such a way that only the stone received attention. Whenever buying it, make sure that you always look for the number of prongs that are attached to hold the diamond in place. Other than this, also look at whether you wish to get a thinner or thicker metal band along with the ring.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

For all those brides, who like sparkly and shimmery rings, this surreally studded Three-stone engagement ring is perfect for you. It would certainly add a lot of shine to her hands. The center gemstone has one more similar stone on its adjacent sides. You can ask the makers to add a bit bigger center stone to make it the attraction point. If not, then you can keep all the three stones in similar size also. This has to be an ideal engagement ring in Atlanta for your loveliest life partner.

Halo Engagement Ring

This one is more of diamonds and certainly a lot less about the metals. Well, yes the halo engagement ring is all about diamonds, be it smaller or bigger ones. It involves an amazing craft that features a halo-formation of small diamonds around the huge center gemstone. The ring’s sparkle is doubled due to the small cut diamonds which are present around it. For the halo ring, pear-shaped, Asscher-cut, and oval diamonds are the best choices.

 Channel Set Engagement Ring

The channel set engagement ring is very much different from your normal solitaire or three-stone ring. Since, there are no prongs in this one to hold the diamond. Rather, the diamond is fixed between the two strips of metal which are forming a channel around it. You can get this engagement ring in Atlanta with different variety of cuts and shapes. It will look beautiful when worn by your lady love and she will certainly adore it.

 Bombe Engagement Ring

The amazing bombe engagement ring is something that all of you will be astonished on seeing. It has an exquisite floral look with a raised diamond rock in the center. This round center stone is then surrounded with a lot of small gemstones in a floral pattern. It is perfect for the one who loves a little more luxury.

 Art Deco Engagement Ring

The late 20s to 40s were the time of art deco. In this era, some amazing jewels were inspired by the styles of the icons of those times. This ring has also got the element of those eras, such as geometric shapes, baguette-cut diamond stones; and fanned motifs. They look way too beautiful than you can imagine. 

These were some of the most top-rated and loved designs of an engagement ring in Atlanta. Royal Fine Design Jewelry is here now at your service to help you get the most oh-so-pretty engagement band of love for your to-be-fiancée. It will surely be a big surprise for her, and she is going to cherish this token of love and togetherness for a lifetime.

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