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Nail Shape

‘Your nails are like jewels – don’t use them as tools.’ 

Are you searching for the best nail shape for your hands? For starters, we believe in the saying, ‘different strokes for different folks.’ It is up to you whether you want coffin-shaped nails or a soft square. Old-school souls love to go for oval-shaped nails. But, if you ask us, not every hand is suitable for coffin shape nails. If you pick the wrong shape, your fingers will look outlandish. 

Here’s an article that tells you about the best nail shape for your hand. Since we strongly believe in personal preferences, you can choose any shape you like. We have also included the latest trends for you to check. Let’s cut to the chase! 

The First Step – Considering The Width And Length Of Your Fingers 

If you have long fingers, it is advisable to pick a square shape. This allows you to show off the actual length of your fingers. In the case of chubby fingers, we recommend you to opt for oval shape nails. 

The oval shape makes your fingers appear longer and leaner. 

The Second Step – Choosing The Shape Based On Color Selection 

There are many colors and finishing that you can choose from. Not every color looks great on particular shapes. Let’s say you are picking a metallic gel paint or a very loud and bold color; it would be preferable if you choose oval or square nails. We recommend you opt for a long shape like a coffin in case of a darker color. 

What’s You Wearing?

Forget about the naughty thoughts in your head! There is a reason why we asked you this question.

 When you are choosing a particular nail shape, consider the type of clothing you wear. If you are getting your nails done for a specific event, it is good to choose a shape that goes with your outfit. A traditional outfit calls for oval-shaped or soft square nails. In case you are picking modern clothing, go for the coffin or square nails. 

Hold that thought! If you get bored of one shape, we recommend you to purchase the press-on nails. These can be glued to your natural nails. The pre-made press on nails come in different colors and shapes. So, if you get bored of a particular shape, remove the previous one, and glue another type on your natural nails. 

Press-On Nails Offer Variety 

The bi-monthly nail salon appointments can be irksome, especially when you have to go all the way. It is not just time-consuming, but the salon charges hundreds of dollars to doll up your nails. That’s precisely why we prefer press-on nails over the time-consuming nail extension process. 

Gone are those days when press-on nails looked flimsy and cheap. These have become a trend and are far less expensive as compared to the extensions. 

You’re the boss, lady! When you buy press-on nails, you have the power to stick them on your nails at home. In addition, you can choose to do it when it is convenient for you. 

There are many nail shapes to choose from. It includes coffin, square, soft square, oval, rounded, almond, and stiletto. Do you have anything else in mind? Feel free to share it with us! 

Concluding Thoughts 

It boils down to what you want! Men are always complaining about women being indecisive. Well, different women want different things. 

You might want to get almond shape nails on Monday, but Friday calls for dangerous coffin nails. 

So, choose something that looks great for the occasion or pick one that suits your finger. The choice is yours! 

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