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Disabled YouTubers You Should Watch Immediately

YouTube is a popular platform for independent content creators. YouTube made its first introduction on Valentine’s day of 2005. Since then, there have been over 31 million channels from all over the world.

YouTube features a variety of content. You can find anything from vlogging and gaming to makeup tutorials and more. Many channels use YouTube as a platform to voice their opinions and experiences. 

As a diverse platform, you can find many forms of representation. Check out these inspiring disabled YouTubers. People with disabilities on YouTube came forward with their personal stories. 

Read on to meet some of them. 

1. The Clairity Project

Claire Wineland, the host of The Clairity Project, is a 19-year-old YouTuber. Claire suffers from cystic fibrosis. It is a chronic genetic disorder that damages a person’s lungs and other vital organs. 

Claire Wineland started The Clairity Project to advocate for her disorder. In her channel, she shares her story concerning her illness. She engages her audience with humor to make heavy subjects easier to talk about. 

Away from YouTube, Claire does advocacy work known as Claire’s Place Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that provides support to people like her. You may find features of Claire in several TED events. 

2. Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone is a vlogger and makeup guru. Many may remember Jordan from a viral video addressing why she applies her makeup with fisted hands. In the video, Jordan reveals that she has quadriplegia. 

A car accident led to partial paralysis on all four of her limbs. In 2017, Jordan released a memoir entitled “My Beautiful Struggle.” Jordan shares videos on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

She uses her videos to spread positivity despite her disability. As a makeup centered YouTuber, Jordan uses makeup as a form of expression. 

3. JD Dalton

JD Dalton is an indigenous and gay YouTuber. JD is one of the most inspiring disabled YouTubers on the platform. In addition to his albinism, JD suffers from low vision. 

JD uses his intersecting personalities to promote self-love and acceptance. On his channel, he shares honest conversations about identity. JD uses his channel as a platform for social change. 

Many may refer to JD as an activist due to the subject of his videos. He works with many YouTubers to bring more light on more experiences. JD embraces the #NoMoreCraption movement, leaving his videos with closed captions. 

4. Amythest Schaber

Amythest Schaber uses her channel to promote autism awareness. Schaber also uses the pronouns they, them, and their. Their videos talk about understanding autism and getting rid of the stigma. 

On their channel, you can find a series called Ask An Autistic. In this series. Schaber answers commonly asked questions about autism. They discuss whether or not autism is a disability. 

Schaber also talks about neurodiversity, a variation in the human brain. Schaber breaks down frequent questions with simple yet educational videos talking about autism. Get the best YouTube downloader to enjoy their content offline. 

5. The Mandeville Sisters

Two sisters living in London named Amelia and Grace, host The Mandeville Sisters. Grace discloses that she was born with only one hand. She often tells jokes relating to how she lost her hand. 

In one Halloween video, she claims she ate it off. In another video, she jokes that her sister Amelia flushed it down the toilet when they were younger. The two sisters use humor to dispel any disability-related discrimination. 

As one of the people with disabilities on YouTube, Grace shares the perks of living with only one hand. The pair also makes videos with random themes. In one video, they try American candy. 

6. Zach Anner

Zach Anner is one of the most popular disabled people on YouTube. Known for his humor, Zach also talks about his disability. Zach uses his channel to share his stories living with cerebral palsy. 

Zach uses a power wheelchair to perform his daily routines and get around. He uses his experiences as a basis for his comedy routines. Zach hosts a series called Workout Wednesday, sharing fitness and inspirational talks. 

7. Aaron Fotheringham

Aaron was born with a congenital disability called Spina Bifida. It affects his spinal cord, causing paralyzed legs. At the age of 8, Aaron became a fulltime wheelchair user. 

Despite his disability, Aaron is a popular WCMX athlete, originating from Las Vegas. He started visiting skateparks with his older brother when he was eight years old. Aaron won a few freestyle BMX competitions at the beginning of his career. 

Aaron began challenging himself with more difficult stunts over the years. He perfected a 180-degree turn in mid-air in 2015. Later in 2016, Aaron achieved the first backflip with a wheelchair. 

8. Josh Sundquist

When he was younger, Josh Sunquist lost a leg due to cancer. Today, Josh uses crutches and is a successful vlogger and comedian. Josh shares a variety of topics on his channel. 

Josh shares his experience with his disability in relationships and sports. Outside of YouTube, he is a paralympic ski racer. Josh is also a motivational speaker and became a bestselling author. 

In 2010, he released a memoir entitled How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made It Down The Mountain. He is also an ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals foundation. Josh raises money to donate to children’s hospitals all over the country. 

9. ASL Stew

ASL Stew features a deaf/hearing couple. Their names are Jenna and Jill Stewardson. On their channel, they share videos advocating for the importance of education. 

They also share videos about deaf awareness and culture. The couple shares videos featuring life from both perspectives. You can find discussions on communication and hearing privilege on their channel. 

Check Out These Disabled YouTubers Now! 

YouTube provides a valuable platform for representation. The YouTubers are as diverse as the content found on YouTube. Check out these disabled YouTubers and listen to their story. 

But why stop here when there are even more interesting YouTubers to discover? We encourage you to check out more of our content right here to get all the interesting tidbits and lists you need, today!

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