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ChatLivebeam streaming platform: What to Text in Order to Start a Chat Online

Livebeam is a streaming and social discovery platform to meet strangers online. And today we share our life hacks what to text in order to start a chat online. Chatting is a great experience and a joy of communication. Even if you are miles away from other people it is easy to communicate via online chats with them. Yet, there are also some intricacies of chatting online. The first problem you may face is how to start a talk? What to text to start a chat online? Some people consider it’s not a problem. These are easy to get along with other people both in the real world and online. But lots of people are shy enough to talk to a stranger first. So we’ve collected several tips from our Livebeam friends to get through how to start a conversation in online chats.

Livebeam lifehack #1: Study the profile of your potential interlocutor.

So, the first and main rule is that you need to get to know the person before you entered into a dialogue with him. Check out his or her profile. Look at the photo, what is shown on it, which photo is selected? Read about his hobbies, pay attention to the spelling, whether he indicated marital status and other facts. After you get your first impression of a stranger, use what you learn to start communication. If you find common hobbies and interests, then half the battle has already been done, it remains to write a message and start a conversation, you definitely have something to talk about, at least in the first three sentences. The profile of a chat member is his calling card so as usual, a person tries to show his bright sides in it. Make it your advantage and use all the info you can get in the profile to choose topics for a conversation.

Livebeam lifehack #1: Do not try to be banal

How do you think, can you interest the person on the other side of the screen if you start the conversation with the banal Hello or something like How are you? We are sure that such a beginning of a conversation is unlikely to arouse interest because millions of other people start a conversation in the same way. Be original. Here’s an example of how to start a chat conversation. If you saw the city of residence of Miami on the profile of your counterpart, try asking how bright the sun is shining on the coast today. Or greet him at Livebeam with the phrase: Hello to you from the other end of the USA, if you are, for example, in New York. You can ask who took such a beautiful photo at Livebeam for your counterpart’s profile, ask his opinion about an event, or just make a compliment. Starting a conversation this way will not only generate interest but also help set the other person up for a positive attitude towards you. 

Livebeam lifehack #1: Use questions to start a chat

Do you want people to remember you? Ask him an interesting question at Livebeam and listen to him carefully. This will give you the opportunity to make friends. This method works on the subconscious. If you ask a question, it means that the opinion of the person to whom the question is addressed is important to you. And this means that you are interested in a person, consider him an expert in this topic. Subconsciously, this raises the interlocutor’s self-esteem and improves his mood. Of course, it is worth knowing when to stop. If you start immediately bombarding a stranger with questions, this will not benefit the conversation, it will rather scare away the interlocutor. Remember to act in a conversation as if you were playing tennis. You toss a ball but then ше has to come to your side of the field hit by your partner for you to hit it again with your racket. Otherwise, it will not turn out dialogue, but something like a monologue.

Livebeam lifehack #1: Don’t be intrusive

If you wrote a message in the chat at Livebeam but did not receive an answer to it, and the interlocutor is online at this time, it is likely that you missed the topic, intonation, or simply chose the wrong words to start the conversation. Of course, you can take a control shot and write another message to clarify whether the other person is interested in the conversation. If you do not receive an answer to it either, it is better to look for another chat participant to communicate with. After all, a lot of people hang out at the same Livebeam every day, and you will definitely have full contact with someone.

  1. Do you want to know exactly where to start a conversation with a certain person? For example, you noticed an interesting person in the general chat, and you want to talk to him. In addition to researching the profile, it is worth paying attention to the manner of communication. Sometimes the method of provocative communication works, sometimes it is worth turning to politeness and light old-fashionedness, presenting yourself as a gentleman of the century before last. It all depends on how the person with whom you want to start chatting behaves. Intuition plays an important role here. But if you think you have little gut feeling, it’s better not to be afraid to practice. After all, this is what chats are created for.
  2. Try to use the economics concept in your conversation. What does it mean? Imagine that your conversation is a bank. If you have a lot of investments, then things are going well. If loans are more than investments, then something should be changed. Transferring this metaphor to communication, we get this. 

What are your emotional investments? Pick it up on the list from Livebeam:

  • Agreeing with the interlocutor
  • Correct body language
  • Using the interlocutor’s name
  • Telling jokes
  • Encouraging the other person’s ideas
  • Listening attentively
  • Asking for an opinion

As for emotional loans, here they are listed by Livebeam:

  • Disagreeing with the interlocutor
  • Wrong body language
  • Talking a lot about yourself
  • Telling lies
  • Flattery
  • Vulgar and intimate questions
    Imagine starting your conversation with zero balance and do whatever it takes to increase it!

And the most important tip to use to start a chat. If you want to be a good interlocutor, try to learn how to listen to your partner. You can use active listening methods and interpolate them to the text format used in online chats. These include asking leading questions, expressing emotions about the answers of the interlocutor, being not afraid to give positive feedback during the conversation, maintaining the thread of the chat. All these attract attention and make you an interested person in the eyes of your chat visavis.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you actually text to start a communication. If you have a vibe it can be felt even through the text of the shortest message. So use this to be successful in your online chatting experience at Livebeam. Do not be afraid to look a bit awkward or even funny as it also may come in habdy to start a joyful chat with someone you’d like to communicate with at Livebeam. 

Livebeam is your window to the world of streaming! Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear.

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