Tue. May 21st, 2024
Long Distance Movers From San Diego

There are many long distance movers in California and in San Diego. If you are looking for professional moving services in this city, a little caution can help you partner with the right company and maybe even shave off a few hundred dollars from your moving expenses. Do you know any long distance movers in San Diego? Do you know how you can find some?

What is the best San Diego moving company for long distance?

As mentioned before, if you search for long distance moving companies in San Diego, you are bound to come across quite a number of companies. However, those that can be termed as best in that list are very few. Note that the best companies will not be the cheapest. They may have fair rates but they won’t offer the lowest quotes because they offer great value in what they do. At GPS moving, we consider ourselves one of the best movers in San Diego because of our professionalism, our rich experience in long distance moving, our packing and handling processes, and by all the great things that our customers say about us. 

How much does a long distance move cost?

A long distance move will usually be charged by the hour. However, it is not that simple. There are various variables that make each move different. These include:

  • Where are you moving to and how far is the distance?
  • How much furniture will you be moving?
  • Do you have any high-value items that need extra care?
  • Will you be needing storage services?
  • Will you be needing packing or unpacking services?
  • What time of the year are you moving?

What is the cheapest way to move long distance?

The cheapest way to move long distance is to move as light as possible. One way to do this is to downsize your home. Get rid of non-essential furniture that you could easily replace or upgrade after you move. You could also sell your furniture and buy replacements in the new state you’ll be moving to. It just might not be worth it to move some furniture pieces hundreds of miles unless they hold great value to you. You can also declutter and get rid of possessions that you really don’t use. By doing all this you can move with a very small footprint. And the smaller your moving footprint, the less you’ll pay for transportation. 

What are some of the tips for moving long distance from San Diego?

  • Start packing early.
  • Start looking for a moving company months in advance.
  • Move as light as possible. 
  • Get secondary moving insurance to safeguard your furniture.
  • Professional packing services from your mover can save you from losses during transit. 
  • Move during the less busy periods of the month.

How do you know if a mover is reliable?

When talking to long distance movers, reliability is one of the top qualities to look for. Reliability means trust, professionalism, transparency, and experience. One way to go about this is to ask. Ask about their license, insurance, and experience in the industry. The other way to gauge a company’s reliability is to look at their reviews. See what their past customers have to say and gauge for yourself if that is the company you want to move with. 


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