Sat. May 18th, 2024
Los Angeles Design Build Construction Company

Have you tried design build construction yet? At Kofler this is the process we offer our clients on all our services, be it new home construction, commercial builds, remodeling, etc. Read on to learn more about our LA design build services and why you should be heading in this direction as well. 


What are the advantages of design build construction?

There are many pros of applying this methodology of construction. They include:

  • As a client you only have to hire, communicate with, and follow up with one single entity – your design build Los Angeles company. This is as opposed to dealing with multiple entities in a traditional design-then-build process. As a result, the process is more convenient to work with. 
  • Less time is taken to design and later on to build. This is because the parties involved in both aspects are under the same roof, coordinating and being headed by the same company. Work therefore flows quicker with less red-tape to hold up the processes. 
  • Because the design and build teams are working more closely together a design build process promises better results in terms of quality and client expectations. The design is implemented well by the construction contractor and the construction is formulated well by the design team. 


Which is more important, design or construction?

Design and construction are both important, equal, and interdependent aspects of the building process. Is one of them more important than the other? While design and construction both complement each other, academics believe that design is more important. And this is based on the fact that construction relies on design. Design therefore dictates construction while construction does not dictate design. This little difference means design is in a way superior to construction. The significance is clear. If design is carried out well, the construction follows suit. But if the design is rushed and not well thought out, the ensuing construction will manifest that. This is why design should be well researched and implemented for a build to be successful. 


What should you expect in an architect-led design build?

In design build processes where an architect is the lead, there is more emphasis on the theoretical aspect of the process. The project will lean heavily on what the build should look like, the do’s and the don’ts. Getting things right on paper will be emphasized more and the planning part of the project is bound to be given lots of attention.


What should you expect in a contractor-led design build?

With a contractor-led design build, the opposite is bound to happen. The practical side of the project will be given more emphasis. This means the project will lean more toward the actual construction and less so on the theoretical plans and drawings. There will be more attention given to project timelines, materials to be used, getting the right sub-contractors on the job, etc. 


Look no further for your design build construction company than Kofler. We are experts in new constructions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, ADUs,  home additions, commercial renovations, and architectural 3D designs. Think design build – Think Kofler!


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