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Lose The Map With Indian Travel Blogger: Pranav Das

Every person dreams about travelling the most beautiful cities across the globe. Only a few get a chance of living this dream. Pranav Das is one of those few people, who dared to dream it and now living it. 

He is an engineering graduate and an MBA dropout, who was working for a great multinational company in Kolkata. An ordinary man would never leave such a great job to become a blogger. It takes passion and courage to choose a difficult path to make your dreams come true. 

Pranav Das had that courage and passion to do so. Today, he has been featured on some of the finest magazines in the world. His blogs reach thousands of travel enthusiasts and offer them new places to spend memorable vacations. 

When did he decide to become a blogger?

Pranav Das belongs to Cuttack, Odisha and not many people there dream about becoming an Indian Travel Blogger. He always wanted to tour different parts of the country and the world. It was not possible as a newly graduated person and that’s why he worked for an MNC. 

No office work can be interesting if you love to work under the blue sky and twinkling stars. Pranav Das wanted to get rid of that office lifestyle and roam across the globe. So, he quit his job in 2014 and started blogging in 2015. It took a whole year to set things up but eventually his blog “Voyage Nomad” got live. That’s how everything was started. 

Does he want to be a blogger forever?

Pranav Das have been featured on Fox News, Times USA, Urban Asian, The Telegraph Australia, Travel Wire, and many other popular magazines. It will not be possible for anyone if you don’t love your job. Yes, he enjoys roaming across the globe, finding hidden beauties created by Mother Nature, and revealing those beautiful places to the world. 

It seems like a dream come true when you get paid to travel to some amazing holiday destinations and write about them. People want to know more and it is your job as a travel blogger to give them what they need. 

It can be stressful. Constant travel, flights, new cities, and changes in weather can cause stress. This lifestyle does not suit every person. That’s why many bloggers quit and choose something else to talk about. Pranav Das did not do that because he is passionate about his work. That passion turns into affection and that affection encourages him to find more scenic places to spend a memorable holiday. 

Although it is tough to maintain the same passion forever, Pranav Das does not seem like he is going to try something else. His blog provides a sophisticated guide to visit each famous holiday destination across the globe. Choose your destination and he will guide you throughout the journey to make it your dream vacation. That’s how he has helped many travelers and gained their trust over the years. 

What else does he like to do?

Pranav Das is an MBA dropout but he did not give up on marketing. Those old marketing tactics are not quite effective when you are promoting something online. Pranav Das knew it and that’s why he took an interest in digital marketing. 

His knowledge of digital marketing helped him in growing his blog faster. He has also established his digital marketing agency. That agency now helps many people in ensuring their brands’ success in today’s harsh online business environment. He is a skilled blogger and a trusted digital marketer for many of his clients. 

Believes in Sustainable travel:

Pranav Das as an Indian travel blogger promotes sustainable travel. He believes that each Indian should be worried about our environment. He draws people’s attention towards the harm we often cause to the environment, surroundings, and local culture of the travelled destination. It should not happen and that’s why Pranav always gives tips to help people in erasing their environmental footprints. 

He is a nature lover and he wants to preserve the natural beauty of many scenic destinations across the globe. That’s why Pranav spreads awareness about sustainable travel through his blogs and social media posts. His tips and ideas will encourage you to care about our environment and preserve it for the future. He is not an environmentalist, but he loves the idea of traveling the world without harming the environment!  

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