Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

The ever-increasing surge in cyberattacks has increased the pressure on organizations and their development processes, thus slowing them down.

HCL AppScan helps enterprises ensure a strong security posture without slowing development. Owing to the integrations with the most widely used tools, HCL AppScan can help reduce risk, whether it is DE, CI/CD, DTS, source code repositories, or vulnerability management, across the software development lifecycle via integration with the systems you already use.

Join the webinar, Lunch n’ Learn: The Power of Integrations with HCL AppScan, to explore the list of AppScan integrations that enable it to ensure security across tools and systems.

Agenda for the webinar:

  • Explore our extensive list of integrations designed to streamline workflow.
  • Learn about the latest updates that make HCL AppScan ideal for application security testing.

Meet the hosts: 

Arjun Ajit, Senior Product Manager, HCL AppScan

With 15 years of industry expertise, Arjun drives HCL AppScan’s plugin and integration strategy. A deep understanding of Agile Scrum environments backs his knack for leading cross-functional teams and shaping innovative SaaS solutions. Arjun is passionate about product management and has diverse knowledge in banking, insurance, security, and cloud technologies. Join him as he shares his wisdom and expertise.

Kathleen Brady Jackson, Product Manager, HCL AppScan

With over 15 years of experience in product management, Kathleen brings a wealth of knowledge in social software applications, unified communications, and application security. A seasoned professional, she has experience in startups and large enterprises. Join Kathleen to explore HCL AppScan through her unique perspective.

Take this opportunity to elevate your understanding of security integration. Register now for Lunch n’ Learn and embark on a journey to secure software development with HCL AppScan.

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