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Like every high school student in India, I always dreamt of moving out of my city to study in a good university, chilling out with friends, and living life on my own. After scoring good marks in high school, I managed to get admission to a top college of Delhi University, North Campus. My parents, who always supported me and understood my ambitions, agreed for me to move to Delhi for my studies. But like every typical Indian parent, they were worried about my stay, food, facilities, etc. Being the youngest daughter in the family, they wanted to make sure that I don’t compromise on my health or settle for bad accommodation.

With a little search on google, I came to know about Stanza Living which provides professionally managed accommodation for migrant students. I cross-checked with a senior of mine, who was already living in one of their properties and got extremely positive feedback about their service offerings and amenities. The reason I was looking for a professionally managed accommodation was to avoid wasting time managing multiple vendors for food, laundry, and other basic necessities so that I could focus on my studies. Stanza Living’s residences were very well designed and the rich, vibrant interiors really impressed me. The other thing that I really liked was the safety and security infrastructure that they had put in place. This convinced my parents beyond doubt that Stanza Living was the place where I must stay as I embark on this new, independence-filled journey in my life.

Being away from my family for the first time, in a new city, I was a little nervous. But as they say, Delhi takes no time to make you feel at home. I started gelling with people and gradually settled in the new setup of college life. I made some really good friends, both in my college as well as in my hostel. The university life is totally different from the outside world. Having fun at college, especially during college fests, extra practice with college societies, hanging out with friends, and late-night chats with my roommate, all this, sums up my college life in Delhi. Additionally, my PG in North Campus used to arrange community-building programs called ‘Stanza Social’ for the residents wherein we used to celebrate festivals, birthdays, national occasions, together! In no time, my friends became my new family.

I knew my decision to choose Stanza Living over any other option was right when I constantly heard my friends complain about their rude landlords, pathetic quality of services, and unnecessarily strict regulations. They would ask for 6 months advance, had very strict in and out timings, and would often serve bad and untasteful food. Most of the time, my friends would end up eating their meals outside. Looking at their struggles, I used to feel a sense of relief about choosing Stanza Living for their professionally managed residence. I had signed an agreement with them which clearly stated the policies, terms for services, etc. The resident App was the real-life savior! We could easily share feedback on individual meals, log service requests, mark our attendance on the app, request for late check-ins, etc.

The in-house hospitality team used to regularly clean the PG premises, the resident captain would always make sure that we are having a comfortable stay and would help us if we have any concerns or issues where they could help us. 24*7 electricity, high bandwidth of Wi-Fi, discount coupons of top restaurants and salons of the locality, etc just added to our novelty! I also recommended Stanza Living to my friends who later joined me in the same property, This also helped us spend more time with each other, share notes, and prepare for exams together.

Having spent more than a year at Stanza Living, I can proudly say that I have lived a luxurious life at an affordable rate in Delhi. So if you are also planning to move to Delhi for your studies and do not want to compromise on the luxurious living you are accustomed to having, you should consider Stanza Living! All you have to do is to enjoy your college life and build memories for a lifetime.


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