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There are a variety of tools or junhua machinery that are applied towards home improvement projects which have become a common element with regards to small projects. Power drills, jackhammers, electric saws and more lately the biggest addition to small projects – the mini excavator. 

Mini excavators have a range of uses beyond just digging

These mini or compact excavators are currently being preferred by contractors especially for landscaping jobs because of the significant level of versatility that these machines offer due to the numerous attachments that come with them. These ‘additional attachments’ or tools allow a single mini excavator to be able to perform a dozen different tasks that revolve around landscaping. These attachments are made possible with what is generally regarded as the hydraulic coupling system which is applicable to both hardscape such as patios and culverts and soft-scape which involve plants, flowerbeds and grass. It is due to this that in current times many landscaping contractors are turning towards hiring mini excavators and only few manual labourers when they take on landscaping projects as it is a much more practical approach.

Excavators are practical and labour saving machines perfectly suited to construction

This practicality of using mini excavator hire services is that this method offers the best approach from both a cost perspective and time perspective because these excavators are able to easily demolish structures quickly, effectively and more importantly cleanly and safely. They are generally capable to dig faster, fill faster, move rubble quicker and flatten grounds more evenly and thoroughly in comparison to a dozen or more workers using handheld tools. Even delicate landscaping projects or sustainable landscape projects which are usually bound by design requirements that factor water saving features and those that replicate natural habitats can be handled by these mini excavators which are sensitive to the surroundings yet powerful enabling them to get jobs done safely better and faster.

Plan your excavator usage into your job schedule for best results

Nevertheless, it is important to realise that using heavy equipment even one as small as a mini excavator requires proper planning and scheduling as lining up one task after another runs the risk of creating chaos where the completion of one task solely depends on the completion of another or to make things worse doing things twice due to the lack of planning is a common issue with home improvement projects that should be avoided at all costs as this would not only delay the project, but also increase costs quite substantially which will have an impact on the company’s bottom line. Always remember to map out the tasks involved in the overall project and approach the tasks that can be done simultaneously and subsequent tasks in a coordinated and practical way that would save time, money and nerves more importantly.

Important considerations before using an excavator for your project

Among the biggest mistake that can happen within the scope of a landscaping project is tackling the job without a proper plan in place and definitely without a mini excavator at hand. Rushing into landscaping or home improvement projects is not advised at it will in the end only create a lot of unnecessary discomfort for both the homeowners and the project manager. For more information we recommend taking a look at the following keilor hire excavator rental company.

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