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Starting a business of your own can be exciting and at the same time, challenging. It is a commendable decision. But that doesn’t mean that you should jump right into it without proper research and the acquisition of the basic required skills. The thought of being your boss and making some earnings can be tempting, but without proper orientation, you might find it difficult to thrive in the business world.


Landscaping is a lucrative business and requires little expertise and more creativity, especially for the lovers of the outdoors and those with a natural interest in the environment. An interest in gardening such as composite solar decking lights or landscaping are very important as they help in improving the appearance of your yard and offering it an attractive look when a clean and neat lawn is carried out. Landscaping revolves around care, design, and maintenance.


Labelling a business venture doesn’t erase the fact that it’s business all the same. Whether a landscaping business or not, the reality remains that you’re starting your own business and in starting your own landscaping business, you must first have the knowledge of what it means to start a business. This should be your first research, and your answers will be found by reading online content or business books for start-ups

Here are the basic steps to help get you started with your landscaping business:


 1.  Getting your equipment: mostly, your choice of equipment will be greatly influenced by the type of business you wish to conduct between specializing in private property or commercial property. Private property is smaller in size in comparison to commercial property. And if you plan to specialize in the private property, then the tools you need might be just the basic which ranges from shovels, tillers and wheelbarrow. 


But once you plan to go commercially, then it means more investment in the purchase of your equipment that includes trucks and lawnmowers. To make this easy, you can decide to get funding, loan acquisition, or start with rental equipment until your business grows.


 2. Get a license and insurance cover for business: To operate and manage a successful business, you must be purpose-driven right from the start. By getting a license for your business, not only will you take it more seriously, but you will be trusted by your potential customers. Through this, you can be able to secure insurance for your landscaping business, yourself and your employees.


 3. Identifying your customers and determine your service rate: you must possess a keen sight for identifying a business deal. Owners of private property might be too busy to tend to their lawns; those who wish to redesign or intent to increase market value before putting it up for sale should be your target.


In determining your price, you can form a relationship with other people in the same business with you and ask for their rate and compare them with yours based on how you deliverer your service within a specific time and also the condition of the job you’re undertaking and the equipment to be used, considering if it’s a rental. Be smart enough to generate profit and not run your business on a loss.


 4. Create a business or marketing plan: The growth of your business largely depends on being discovered by your customers. You must develop a marketing plan that will put you where your customers can identify you and reach you. Social media is a great avenue for putting the word out there, and customers referral passed on by your circle of friends. The use of SEO can also be employed. Include the cost of advertising in your plan.


 5. Financial plan: You must keep track of your finance by keeping an up to date inventory of your start up cost to the expected expenditure and the payroll of employees. This is very important because it provides a clarity of your business progress regarding profit or loss.


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