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Mailroom Vs. Envoy

Digital mailrooms are the new norm, where more organizations are now familiarizing themselves and becoming comfortable with the idea.

Today, many residential concepts feature them, and there is also a high probability that your office may even consider one. 

Most businesses understand when they grow, their responsibilities also increase. Therefore, business owners and stakeholders are constantly ensuring that they review their operating mechanisms to streamline processes, decrease the turnaround time, and improve productivity, in general, to stay relevant in the market.

Companies have understood the need for a digital mailroom that helps them cater to their mail needs.

Who Does Not Want Decreased Operational Costs?

A conventional mailroom consumes your employees’ substantial amount of time as they have to sort, filter, and distribute each mail manually. The process is not only slow but hampers the productivity of the business.

This is where mailroom management software like Mailroom by PackageX comes in!

It is a blessing in disguise for businesses ensuring each incoming mail is delivered to its owner at the right time.

In today’s digital age, mailroom management software like Envoy has changed how people handle office deliveries. Such tools have made it convenient for companies to control and manage incoming and outgoing mail easily.

But, with multiple options available in the market, people get overwhelmed choosing the right choice for their organization.

To make it easier for you, we have compared two market leaders: Mailroom by PackageX and Envoy.

Mailroom by PackageX vs. Envoy Deliveries – Which is Better?

It is believed that organizations that have implemented similar tool(s) have noticed a 30% reduction in office clutter. Let’s see which mailroom management software has the upper hand:


  • No More Package Pileups


It has become THAT simple!

Over the years, we have seen numerous workplaces where incoming packages have piled up because the employee who ordered it is unaware that the parcel is delivered. Or maybe they know it’s delivered, but they are not sure where it’s been kept.

With Mailroom by PackageX, you do not have to worry about package pileups. You can quickly look into a delivery volume weekly and monthly, allowing you to either discard or remove the unclaimed packages.

Hence, the pileup will reduce one way or another.


  • Efficient Scan Labels


Keep your employee updated whenever they receive a parcel. In today’s digital era, people prioritize their convenience and shop online.

And they also want to get their hands on the parcel as soon as it is delivered. But how is it possible?

With Mailroom by PackageX, you can quickly and efficiently scan a label to ping an employee about their incoming delivery. The process is seamless and faster when compared to Envoy Deliveries.

By scanning the barcode on each package, the application recognizes the name and notifies the employee.


  • Full Package Protection


Have you heard of package thefts or mix-ups?

We’ve heard employees informing the receptionist or someone in the office to keep an eye on or take care of a particular package.

Mailroom ensures complete package protection through Designated Pickup. The parcel can only be handed over upon providing a picture or signature at pickup. Employees do not have to worry anymore as they will have information if the package is delivered or picked up by someone else.

Why Choose Mailroom by PackageX over Envoy Deliveries as your Mailroom Management Tool?

Well, why not?

Mailroom by PackageX has made lives easier for offices to keep incoming and outgoing mails always moving efficiently. The mailroom management software also allows organizations to allow and encourage employees to have packages sent to their workplace without any worry.

If you are still confused and have not finalized your decision, allow us to help you understand why you should ONLY choose Mailroom by PackageX.


  • Digital Delivery Log: Who doesn’t like to use less paper and automate their delivery management? With Mailroom by PackageX, you create and maintain a digital delivery log which is updated whenever your office receives a package.
  • Package Notifications: Employees are notified as soon as their mail is available for pickup. Mailroom sends a message stating their order and pickup location.
  • Instant Recipient Recognition: No need to manually search for an employee to inform them about their mails. This tool uses smart name matching to select an employee from your directory.
  • No Additional Hardware: All you need is a smartphone or a tablet to utilize Mailroom’s full potential. You can easily take a snapshot or record the name on the label by scanning the mail barcode.
  • Automatic Reminders: Mailroom generates and sends automated reminders to employees to avoid picking up their mail.


Final Remarks

Let’s be honest, and not many organizations prioritize their mailroom. They prefer following traditional (manual) practices to operate a mailroom. But what they do not realize is that they can save resources by going digital.

Mailroom by PackageX has not only made things convenient for offices but employees as well. The mailroom management software allows office employees to focus on their work while handling and managing incoming and outgoing mail.

This is not it!

Mailroom by PackageX has also minimized communication breakdowns between departments or focal person(s) who handle mail management within an organization. Considering all the benefits and factors mentioned above, we believe you would not hesitate to move to digital and more efficient handling of mails. 

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