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Weddings are the ultimate proclamation of love. Intimate and solemn, it is a bilateral ceremony that unites two people and their families. Whether it’s a large ceremony, a simple beach gathering, or a garden event, what matters is that the couple’s visions are realized on their special day. Memorable for both the couple and their loved ones, it is truly a day to remember. However, the pandemic has limited the scope, venues, and methods of celebration.

In line with the Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) safety protocols, social gatherings (indoors or outdoors) should only be at 30% capacity. With Canada currently recording 923,000 COVID-19 cases, following these safety measures has never been more important. However, there are still ways you can make your union a momentous and memorable occasion.

Consider Your Guestlist

Your guest list should include people who have made an impact on your journey as a couple. However, certain adjustments need to be made to follow safety protocols. An extra large wedding may not be possible at this time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an entourage. Consider the number of people attending when choosing your wedding venue choices. While you can have a slightly larger gathering at an outdoor area, you need to cut your guest list if you’re holding it indoors. Find out what the current allowable capacity is per venue before deciding.

Team up and Plan Well

Planning a wedding by yourself can be extremely stressful. Hiring an expert team to plan your wedding is a necessity rather than a luxury. Having a virus on the loose has required these planners to include health workers in their itinerary. This way, you get to have a safe and smooth wedding.

Anticipate, Adapt, Alter

With a newly developed vaccine and a vaccination program underway, restrictions have been eased, except in certain regions in Canada where cases have increased. One thing is for certain; with the pandemic still at large, government mandates will constantly be changing. You have to anticipate these changes and adapt. Read the news, keep yourself updated. This way, you can change your plans easily.

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Think of Transport

Guest transport is integral in wedding planning, especially for destination events. While private transportation is easier, it may not be feasible for some. Long rides, in particular, need ample preparation, like a maintenance visit to an auto or tire shop. At St. Catharines, Calgary, or other major cities, you’ll have little problem in case of emergency. But if your destination is in an isolated location, car troubles can impede the best-laid plans. You need to be prepared for such instances.

To bring your guests safely to the location, opting for a bigger vehicle like a bus is advisable. It’s also best if you rent one from a reliable agency. Their drivers are trained and have the equipment and know-how to repair car issues. A charter bus is big enough to accommodate a large party. When in Alberta you can turn to a Red Deer bus rental agency for example to safely transport your guests. 

Cocktail Decisions

With the WHO (World Health Organization) suggesting a limit in liquor consumption, having open bars at your wedding is unadvisable.  But, what is the correlation between liquor consumption and virus infectivity rate? Well, since alcohol heavily affects decision-making, too much of its consumption may lower the inhibition of your guests. This can lead to becoming less guarded in terms of social distancing and public safety protocols, prolonged gatherings, and a higher risk of exposure to the virus.

Safe, Short, and Sweet

Wedding ceremonies are all about grand gestures and timing. Time seems to slow down as the bride walks down the aisle or as married couples kiss. Merriment during the reception can last until dawn. However, with the current situation, such traditions need to be limited. Keeping your ceremony short, safe, and sweet can still be done with proper program-planning and blocking.  Your wedding can still be meaningful with the quality time spent together.

Capture the Moment

What makes weddings a special occasion? For most people, it only happens once. Memories can fail, but with proper records and documentation, you can make those moments last forever. By hiring companies that deal with filming like  wedding videography Hamilton, Ontario or videographers in Alberta you can make sure that every minute is captured and remembered.

Weddings are ceremonies filled with grand decorations, bouquets, cakes, and gowns. But, its foundation lies in the love that the couple has for each other. No matter the wedding plans, the factor that makes it memorable are the moments shared and cherished. Wedding planners are only there to keep the ceremony safe and special. 

Having a wedding amid a pandemic will surely be a challenging occasion to plan. However, with enough planning, you can make your wedding happen. By following the safety protocols and proper planning, you can create a beautiful wedding your guests will remember fondly years after the wedding. 

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