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If your loved one suffers from a memory care disorder it may be time to consider making the move to a specialized facility. Memory care facilities are different from regular nursing homes or assisted living facilities. In this article, we will discuss what makes memory care different from other care facilities, signs that it may be time to make the switch, and what makes a good memory care facility stand out from the rest. If you are looking for a quality memory care option in Utah, then be sure to check out The Gables for Utah memory care. 

How is memory care different? 

Memory care facilities are specific to those who suffer from cognitive decline. The facilities are usually laid out differently, have smaller capacities, and have more safety restrictions and security measures in place. Staff in memory care facilities should also be specifically trained to understand the common issues that arise with memory care patients and how to diffuse problems in a way that is beneficial and safe. The staff to resident ratio in these types of facilities should be higher. Most memory care residents almost require a one-on-one care plan. Staff in these places should have a low turnover because having different people constantly coming in and out can be a trigger for behavior issues in those with memory loss. 

To summarize, the most common differences are:

  • Higher staffing ratio
  • Building security
  • Fewer residents
  • Specially trained staff
  • Staff retention

Signs it is time to move a loved one to memory care

There is no one answer to the frequent question of family members who wonder when is the right time to make the change. There are a few red flags to watch for, and if your loved one has one or more of these it is probably a good idea to at least consider moving them. Having a very dependent family member is straining on family members acting as caregivers and they often need constant care. Not to mention, their homes are probably not as safe and secure as they need to be if their disease is progressing. 

The following are signs of significant cognitive decline:

  • Consistently forgetting to take medication properly
  • Unable to perform daily hygiene tasks
  • Wandering from home, getting lost
  • Decreased food intake, forgetting to eat
  • Verbal communication decline
  • Angry outbursts including physical violence

What makes a good memory care facility? 

We are confident that Utah memory care will provide the best experience for your loved one because we have years of experience. We have specific training for our staff, and very high staff to resident ratios. Each of the Utah memory care facilities is designed with safety in mind. While we encourage family to visit, we strictly monitor comings and goings. Doors lock securely and require codes to get in and out. Residents can go enjoy the outdoors, but must be accompanied by a staff member. Our staff are invested in those they care for. They will get to know your loved ones routines, what their triggers are, and what things help them feel safe. So much goes in to a good memory care facility and a large portion of that is the staff.

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