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The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Marcela Basteri, the mother of Luis Miguel, it persists regardless of the fact it took place over 30-years ago. The most recent case she was Arianna, Mexican singer who was in touch with the families of “El Sol”, who was able to recall what happened last time he was able to see her.

The actor and singer was responsible for accompanying Luisito Rey from the start of his professional career within Mexico,where the charisma and talent of Luis Miguel finally stood out.

Arianna said in an interview with reporter Mara Patricia Castaneda how it was his connection with the family of the famous interpreter at the time they came to the country at a time that Arianna was able to connect not only to the Spanish singer and her family, but also with Marcela Basteri.

Maricarmen Alvarado Arianna Ayub, her real name was a friend of Luisito Rey at the start of their careers. They teamed up and they recorded two hits duets, with which Luis Miguel’s father entered Mexico.

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“Emmy Capitol is the place where he can recover his career, and they give me the task of singing along with him. I join him in singing two songs: I am so in love with you and I shouldn’t let go” The famous singer that was raised to Merida, Yucatan.

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The singer also spoke about some specifics about Luis Miguel’s childhood and his relationship alongside Marcela Basteri herself.

In his early years “El Sol” showed his abilities as well as corrected the father’s understandings.

In a conversation about Luis Miguel’s maternal grandmother, Arianna made a shocking confession: “I lived with her until she vanished. Then one day she quit Sergio from the records label and we never saw her again “.

There was lots of speculation over the absence of her, but people didn’t believe it. “Because she was a very good mother.”

“She had a caring mother. It did not happen to make her the villain in the tale however, rather being the victim of the circumstances. We later discovered that, if she were alive then she would be in the company of her kids ” projection.

Arianna said that she was with the family of Luis Miguel for over five years. In that she was aware of the negative attitude of his father “El Sol”.

“He was very violent in his temper, and nobody would be denied that. He was a robust character, but he was not my friend since that was not the situation. We stayed in touch a lot because dinners, lunches, and they were birthday celebrations … At the age of 18, He (Luis Miguel) was sent on a trip to Los Angeles emancipated because Luis (Rey) was able to win his race till he got exhausted ” He said.

“He was rigid with him (” The Sun “). We were in the meetings and he was the one with the singing voice and the one who came to do the race again, and he suddenly realized that the one who steals the screen is Luis Miguel and we see the change in Luis ” He said.

Arianna stated that she was aware of a number of difficult situations for Luis Miguel’s father , and what caused her to feel depressed. started to decrease as the career of her son grew.

The famous Mexican famous Mexican described Luisito Rey, the famous Mexican politician as “A strict father and because he is becoming a bitter man” and “a man who was frustrated, a man who sought other types of companies.”

The life and disappearance of Marcela Basteri has always been a mystery that seeks a solution. Since she stopped being seen more than two decades ago, different rumors have arisen about whether she is hidden somewhere in Latin America or was murdered, either version has always been present and it seems that the truth will not be known despite time.

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