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Mexico is a place of wonders and the cuisine from this country always reminds you of festivals. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the tropical climate and rich ingredients available around the country may be the secret behind the culinary richness of Mexican cuisine. However, you need to go beyond Chipotle to experience it. Here are some of the unique Mexican dishes you need to try:

The Dishes

  1. Birria – Birria, unlike Tacos, is a dish that hasn’t gained popularity outside of its home country. However, it is one of the best Mexican dishes everyone needs to have in their tasting bucket list. It is cooked like a stew but isn’t something remotely as boring. Red meat like mutton or goat is simmered in a sauce with rich spices and in the end, you get a meaty hot stew that is filled with juicy and tender meat. While the traditional recipe uses goat, you can also try it out with beef or poultry.
  2. Molcajete – Also known as the lava bowl for its distinct presentation, Molcajete is to be enjoyed with friends. In essence, it is a bowl of meat and steamed veggies. It is also served in a hot steaming bowl that is basically a mortar and pestle. If you try this dish in Mexico, you should do so in a cool environment. Both the ingredients and bowl are steaming hot and they may leave you miserable on a hot day without air conditioning. 
  3. Carnitas – In the Spanish language, carnitas refer to little meats. The dish justifies its name since it is pork that is cooked so tender that it can be pulled apart into tiny little pieces with a fork. You may not be aware of this dish in this form. However, they are often used to stuff burritos and tacos in most restaurants and fast-food chains. When you have carnitas on a plate they are fried before serving so that the meat has a crispy crunch on the outside without losing any of its juiciness. 
  4. Mole – If someone can’t remember the name of a dish and refer to it as Mexican curry, it’s probably Mole. However, the dish isn’t like curry. Instead, it is a family of sauces that come in various colors. The sauces start at the same line with chili pepper and get their color at the end as other spices are added in later stages of the cooking process. You can even satisfy your sweet tooth since some moles even have chocolate in them. 
  5. Arroz con Leche – Think of it as a remastered version of rice pudding that tastes and looks better. The primary ingredients are simple and include milk, sugar, white rice, and cinnamon. However, variations in recipes have nutmeg, egg yolks, and even orange zest in them that results in a completely different taste and texture.   


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you try out these unique Mexican dishes for a refreshing change of palate.

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