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If a company wishes to enter a specific market segment, the external data they collect is the first stage of market intelligence. To make informed decisions regarding investments, a business must analyze the information gathered from their market research.

Information can be related to a market niche, infrastructure or facilities, government regulations, demographic age of an area, or their spending and consumer habits.

Market intelligence is about collecting data sets, breaking them down, analyzing, and distributing results to pertinent company departments. Before making decisions on new market forays, an in-depth market assessment will make all the difference.

Leverage Top-Notch Market Insights with Netbase Quid

Market intelligence is not the same as business intelligence. While the later dwell son internal factors like processes, billing rates, or headcounts, the former gathers external data to offer an entire market’s holistic view.

NetBase Quid incorporates business intelligence within our solution packages, enabling you to have an x-ray view of ongoing competitor performances in your target market.

Your intelligence product also involves market research, which can be defined as;

Competitor Intelligence

This is the collection of competitor data using ethical means, including public records and government databases. Competitor intelligence offers insight into the strategies employed by those dominating the niche you are seeking to penetrate.

Product Intelligence

This involves gathering product-related data or similar competitor products that are in the targeted market. You can monitor the prices of competitive products or services, which will enable your business to make strategic launches at the right price and time.

Market Understanding

This consists of knowing your company’s intended share, size, or trend in the target market. NetBase Quid’s comprehensive intelligence research offers valuable insights into a brand or the entire market that will result in faster penetration and product domination.

Why Is Niche Intelligence Essential for Your Start-Up?

Research proves that making an uninformed fumble into a new market has led to 55 percent of capital investment and business failures. You may give a new enterprise all your resources, but without a strategy that’s borne from exhaustive market intelligence, it’s all guesswork.

NetBase Quid products are designed to uncover a market’s competitive landscape, customer profiles, and typical consumer trends.

This is vital information on what your target customers are buying, how they are finding out about it, and how they will relate to your new brand. You can make sense of your intended market through analytics, measurable data, and real intelligence modeling.

Data is then be used to action revenue increase, cut or add advertising budgets and ensure your target customers are being reached.

Recommendations that support your business strategy look into competitors’ financial status, strategies, processes, strengths, and weaknesses. Breakdowns of your target market players and the business they provide will enable you to assess your company’s position correctly.

Why Chose Netbase Quid as Your Market Brain Partner?

NetBase Quid is your trusted competitor and intelligence solution provider that supports your business’s development by addressing opportunities and identifying risks.

Through the use of hybrid intelligence technology and extensive market expertise, NetBase Quid solutions offer strategic insights that help you make informed decisions. Our services are a combination of human intelligence and proprietary software that boosts the efficiency of the process.

Solution products on offer involve monitoring, consulting, analysis, and processing data on your business’s behalf.

Through NetBase Quid market insight solutions, you can drill down into your competitor business intelligence to effectively exploit and manage available opportunities. With continual monitoring, we keep track of key competitors and their customers, including all activities or events related to your industry.


Your business should use market intelligence when looking to operate or penetrate a specific market segment and take advantage of an existing market opportunity. NetBase Quid offers solution products that pull data from across the target market’s competitor landscape.

A snapshot of warts working for your completion on all channels will provide the playbook by which your business creates and actions a go-to-market strategy.

To understand your target market and its future trend, segment intelligence solutions offer your intended segment’s analysis and profiles.

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