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“Packaging” at most of the time could be representative of two distinct aspects. One is the perspective of technology and practice, which means to wrap the products with appropriate materials so that the products can be transported conveniently and quickly without being damaged. The other refers to beauty and decoration. That is to wrap the goods according to formal beauty so that the appearance of the products looks more beautiful. Those two embody the artistic beauty and practicality of packaging bags.

Needless to say, the primary function of packaging is to protect the goods in transportation. At present, packaging has also got a greater mission to sell and build brand image design. Custom packaging bags, therefore, become a hot spot.

To learn deeply about the custom packaging bags, we should first realize that packaging is the product of industrialization and social, economic development. To meet the market, guide consumption, and meet people’s material and aesthetic needs, the custom package is designed. The current mission of packaging is marketing. Nowadays, there are mainly four trends of packaging as follow for better marketing and environmental protection:

Green packaging

Green packaging refers to the packaging that can be recycled and will not pollute the environment. It is a new technological revolution in the packaging industry – the treatment of waste packaging materials and the development of degradable plastics. At present, the packaging products designed in our country are to save resources as much as possible. 

Textured material packaging

As the packaging material preferred by customers, textured materials are trendy in cosmetic packaging. The texture is often produced by embossing on the paper. When you pick it up, you will find that it gives a different touch than ordinary cardboard. It has a sharp contrast between smooth and matte paper. 

Glittering packaging

There are many dazzling packaging products in the market. For example, in cosmetics packaging, packaging made of dazzling materials has been used to achieve the purpose of eye-catching sales. They are joining the trend with special effects of ink, paint, and metal materials. Nowadays, a large number of manufacturers strive to make their products different through this innovation, at the same time, to save the cost only by using metal ink or pearlescent oil to achieve a glossy effect. 

Anti-counterfeiting packaging

With the emergence of more and more competitors in the market, many manufacturers have developed anti-counterfeiting products with various technologies to keep their products from being copied by other competitors. Among them, anti-counterfeiting packaging is one example.

From the perspective of the future development of the international packaging industry, the development trend of packaging is carefully combined with the development of the industrial design of the packaging. Brand strategy, environmental protection strategy, technology strategy, material strategy, printing strategy, and marketing strategy are all generated for the systematic packaging of enterprise products. Customization is the primary requirement of packaging. The research and development of technology will make a breakthrough in packaging technology, and the high-quality and high-energy characteristic packaging industry will gradually develop. 

Grasping this trend, WH Packaging, for example, is one of the leading manufacturers of custom poly mailer bags in China. They follow and even create the tendency to supply custom poly packaging products for express delivery and e-commerce services. They offer clients various kinds of custom poly bags, which are eco-friendly, recyclable, bio-based, biodegradable, compostable. Protecting products as the primary goal, they could even provide you with brand uniqueness as well as green packaging.

How to better develop packaging design around the tenet of “safety, health, and environmental protection” is a problem to be considered by all enterprises and packaging design companies. With WH Packaging, you might have more precise and broader thoughts upon it.

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