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McDonald’s has long been known for selling mainly beef and chicken items. The vegetarians and vegans of the world were never seen as a target for them. More recently, being vegan is becoming popular, and McDonald’s does not want to miss out on that corner of the market. The problem they realized they might have would be attracting them in. It was going to be a gamble if the McPlant Burger would be a success. The odds were the same as while playing at vulkan vegas opinie.

Launching the Meat-free Burger

There was not much fanfare as the McPlant arrived on the menu. It made its debut in fast food outlets in Sweden and Denmark at the beginning of 2021. It was not available at all locations but hopefully enough for McDonald’s to judge its popularity. Made from peas and rice protein, the burger is spicy. As with all other burgers in the range, it is served on a bun with various salad items, melted cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. 

Not vegan, but it is on the way. Understanding that the burger’s texture was going to be as important as the taste, there was a collaboration with Beyond Meat. McDonald’s are giving customers’ time to make up their mind about the burger. In Sweden, it will be available until the 15th of March and in Denmark up to April 12th.

Cutting down on Meat

It will be aimed at people who do not want to eat as much meat as possible. It is still not entirely vegan but can be brought to that with a few omissions. Not having cheese and mayonnaise will help this, but the downfall is the bun. It will still be toasted on a grill that is used for cooking beef. That will not be acceptable to many vegans or vegetarians, so it could cut out some of their potential customers.

Why Sweden?

Sweden was an obvious choice as around 30% of their population consider themselves flexitarian. Having been the first to serve the vegan burger, it was thought this would be as popular for people who wanted less meat but not vegan. Sweden, along with Denmark, has just been the beginning. There are plans to try McPlant around the world. Canada is bound to receive it as the pilot for the PLT using Beyond Meat. The burger was a great success.


If Mcdonald’s did not do this, they would fall behind other fast-food stores, KFC and Burger King. To keep themselves in the game, they are planning to produce other items apart from the McPlant Burger.

McDonald’s is looking at a plant-based chicken nugget as well as breakfast sandwiches. They have confidence in the product they made and believe it will be well received. Fries are certainly going to be looked at as now there is both beef fat and milk used in their production. It seems that this is not going to be a short-term phase for Mcdonald’s.

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