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jewelryMen’s jewelry: Everything you need to know

They say that style is a cycle and it comes back every few years. This can stand proof of men’s jewelry being back in the trendiest things for men. Throughout history, it was deemed for men to indulge in jewelry for themselves. However a few decades ago, the only time a man would be found swiping for jewelry would be when he was planning to propose to his better half.

Things have evolved drastically since then and men’s jewelry is expanding by the minute. Gone are the days when there was a limited choice for such ornaments. Now the choices keep increasing every single day as the jewelry designers and retailers struggle to keep up with the demand. This article sums up all the nooks and corners of men’s jewelry that you will need to know.

Types of jewelry

If you are new to the world of jewelry crafted exclusively for men, this list of common and rare ornaments used by men can help you get started.

  • Necklaces:

Necklaces are one of the most preferred items of jewelry for men, throughout the ages. Be it a modern neckpiece or a traditional one, they have always been in demand. You can get customized necklaces in gold, silver or even platinum to suit your style. It is also a great gift for a close and dear person.

They are easy to wear and require only minimum maintenance and hence it is a hit among men’s jewelry items. A single gold chain can change the way you wear a tee shirt by adding a lot more class. The ideal length of a necklace is around 6 to 8 inches away from the navel to have a dramatic effect.

The way a necklace is worn can say a lot about the occasion. If it is a classic and elegant function it may be deemed ideal to go for a traditional golden chain, while you can choose contemporary and modern designs when it comes to casual wear.

  • Watches:

Be it metallic or with leather straps, a watch brings out a lot of style in a man. It is a very stylish piece of art that can be made invaluable by making it from metals such as gold, silver, and platinum as well. An arising trend is wooden watches where the whole dial is carved out from genuine wood. These breakthrough fashion attempts also show that you are a man of power and influence.

  • Blazer buttons:

Another functional piece of jewelry, this is one of the items less experimented on. However, it holds a lot of potentials to be explored more. When a man buys a blazer, he usually gets ordinary brass buttons which he can upgrade to gold or silver. A key black blazer often stands distinguished with ornamental buttons.

  • Shirt studs and Cufflinks:

This is another potential item which can be further explored in terms of fashion and style. They are the functional pieces of jewelry that hold the cuffs and the collar in place, giving you a seamlessly stylish look. A shirt stud is often associated with a classic black tie event or attire while cufflinks are more flexible. Both of these items are often made in precious metals to accentuate a wealthy vibe about a man. This also a classic way to wear some precious metal on you.

  • Tie accents:

A highly useful jewelry, the tie accent saves you any trouble by keeping your tie in place at all times. You can also use a concealed tie chain, but a tie accent gives off more of an effect.

  • Rings:

Probably the most versatile item on the list, the ring is a classic as well as a contemporary item of jewelry worn by men. They are made in precious metals such as gold, silver, or even platinum. Although traditionally men prefer diamonds as the only stone used, you can go for more versatile and bold options such as jade or ruby. Regarding the number of rings a man should wear, it should be just as many he can pull off with confidence.

In addition to wedding rings, there are other forms of meaningful rings such as alumni rings, championship rings and much more. It is up to you to combine and dress the way that it pleases you and increases your confidence.

  • Lapel Pins:

Another traditional form of jewelry for men, this particular item can be ornamental, collectible or simply reveal a fond memory of being a part of something huge. The history of lapel pins lies with USSR and China, although commonly misunderstood as originating from American politicians. Ancient leaders used lapel pins to depict and honor their patriotism. They come in various designs, patterns, and meaning in today’s world.

  • Bracelets:

Another one of the most versatile items of ornaments, the bracelet comes made in various metals such as gold, silver or platinum. There are geometric and robust designs created exclusively for men in this category. You can choose the metal tone of your choice and experiment based on design. Although men are often warned about too many bracelets, it is ultimately up to you to decide what suits you best. If you need help the experts at, can help you find one.

  • Earrings:

Earrings are a widely accepted jewelry item for men. The best advantage of getting an earring is that you can simply choose not to wear them on some occasions and your piercing won’t seem empty. You can also choose to wear other forms of piercings such as nose, eyelids, and lips. Piercing for men has been a revolution since the last decade and it can have a lot of impact on how you present yourself.

  • Ethnic Jewelry:

During the 60s and 70s, it was common for a man to wear a signet ring on his left hand. It would carry the families crest and signal that the man is from a wealthy and powerful family background. Signet rings continue to exist and so does other forms of ethnic jewelry. It is essential to take good care of these antiques and wear them in a way that they get the attention they deserve.

  • Religious jewelry:

Religious jewelry include prayer beads, japamala, and other religious symbols such as a golden cross. It is normal for a man or boy to wear such items that denote faith. They have to be well cared for and removed at times when the situation is not sacred. Usually, such ornaments are for life.

What to avoid

When it comes to men’s jewelry, there are certain items that are best if avoided. Ostentatious jewelry items are best kept at bay as they can steal the show and grab everyone’s attention on to the ornament rather than the personality. It is also ideal to avoid wearing items of jewelry that carry no meaning to you, or items that you do not understand the significance of.

Feminine items such as anklets, toe ring, belly piercings can be avoided unless you feel it is part of your personality. However, ultimately the way you choose and wear your jewelry rests entirely upon yourself. You can also choose to start simple if you are new to the world of jewelry for men. You can start with a watch and move up the ladder to more complex and sophisticated items such as ties, cufflinks, and tie accents.

Choosing not to overdo your jewelry is also the sign of a sophisticated man. It is essential to choose wisely, the pieces of jewelry that will suit you best and increase the positivity of the vibe you throw around.

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