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Throughout your life, you come across hundreds of people. While a majority of them may be casual acquaintances, some become friends. And there are yet others with whom you experience an immediate, deep connection. The connection can be so strong that it brings a feeling of déjà vu as if you have met them before. You may even be able to anticipate what they are going to say or do next. The feeling is like you have known them forever. Often, such feelings happen with one and only one special person, with whom you seem to have a past life connection. Now the big question is whether you can identify this connection because this is one person you should not let go. Let us try and help you understand how you can discover this special one and cherish them for a lifetime.

Be willing to believe and embrace

Connecting with someone happens from the soul rather than the body; it is much more than physical attraction. So if you want that one special person to come in your life and be there, be willing to believe that such connections do exist. If you have loved someone in the past life, they will be as eager to search you in this life and one day, you will meet each other. And when you do meet them, it is the willingness to embrace your soulmate that will bring you closer and help you to discover the bond from the past life.

Look for a lesson

Finding your soul connection from the past life does not always imply love and happy endings. These are the special people who come in your life with a purpose to teach you a lesson and make you a better and more fulfilled person. The lesson is not necessarily in the form of love but can be a journey of self discovery and self growth. Soulmates often challenge each other and help each other to emerge as better versions of themselves. They often uncover those sides of the personalities that one may not have known before.

Analyze the situations around you

If you want to discover your past life connection, a wider perspective is needed. Simply speaking, do not just be confined to looking for that one person but analyze the situations as a whole. You may not feel that you have known the other person in the past, the situations that bring you together may seem familiar as if history is repeating itself. Be open to such deep feelings that stir from within and give you subtle signals that this is one person you have been looking for since you have come to the world.

Understand why someone is helping you without a motive

People who have past connections tend to gravitate towards each other and feel like helping the other without any reason or motive. If there is someone who is always there for you, trying to do something for you without any apparent reason or expectation in return, this is one person you should not let go. This person may not essentially be a lover; he could be a mentor, a teacher or anyone who is there when you need help, support or guidance. One sure sign that this person is a past life connection is that he will help you selflessly, without expecting you to pay back.

Find out why you feel as if something is left over

When you are connected with someone from the past life, there will be a feeling that something is left and is yet to be closed with them. You may even feel as if you owe something to them or they owe something to you. Open your intuition as your mind has the power to identify that emotion or feeling which you will feel for no one else.

Seek divine intervention

When it comes to discovering past life connections, you cannot depend on common sense and reasoning. In fact, this is where divine intervention can help you because the cycle of birth and rebirth is beyond human understanding. You can seek guidance from experts at Psychic2Tarot to help you with a tarot reading specifically meant for discovering your soul connection.

Past life promises are complex, they are the connections that extend beyond one life and carried by the souls to their next life. Every soul has a subconscious power to identify these connections as this is probably the purpose that they are in the world again. Just open your mind and you will find that special one!


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