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Underwear is one of the common materials of clothing that is very close to our skin and body. It is mandatory that we should choose them wisely so that they don’t cause any problems on the skin. Even though colours, designs, and brands work, the material is the most important factor which is to be considered. Also, you can prefer Men’s Boxers one of the best mens wear that give you more comfort. Some of the men inner wear fabric types available are:

1.   Cotton:

Cotton is something that is more common among most people. Not only for mens innerwear like briefs, but they are also perfect for outerwear too. They absorb sweat and help in keeping your skin more comfortable even during the summer or winter days. They are also soft and more breathable when compared to many different types of fabrics. You can also visit organic cotton underwear australia.

Pros – Perfect for almost all skin types.

Cons – Shrunk soon and is lacking to handle the moisture

2.   Organic Cotton:

This is also similar to cotton, but they are safer than normal cotton. Organic cotton has been grown naturally on farms without the use of harsh and chemical ingredients or fertilizers.

Pros – Perfect for all skin types

Cons – SLightly expensive than other fabrics

3.   Polyester:

This is a kind of synthetic material, which is more resistant in nature and also helps in keeping the clothes away from wrinkles even after many washes. They are lighter material compared to cotton. It is better to go for materials like cotton or non-synthetic products when choosing underwear.

4.   Silk:

Silk is also a very nice material that is soft and shiny giving you a luxurious feel and look. They are made from silkworms that are also perfect for people who suffer from rashes, redness, and allergies.

Pros – Softer in nature, and makes you feel using a luxurious product

Cons – Heat resistant

5.   Bamboo Cotton:

Bamboo cotton is also one of the most common in today’s trend which has been made of bamboo grass. Since bamboo is anti-bacterial in nature, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin or people who face rashes and irritation frequently.

Pros – Eco-friendly, and anti-bacterial in natural

Cons – Gives a strong fragrance

6.   Rayon:

It is a plant-based material. They are similar to the silk material which provides softness and comfortability for the skin.

7.   Combed Cotton:

Combed cotton is a milder and softer version than other types of cotton. They are so flexible, breathable and skin-friendly too. It is one of the best and perfect materials to be chosen for men’s trunks and boxers.

Pros – Soft, breathable and perfect for all skin types.

Cons – Expensive than other fabrics available

8.   TENCEL Modal:

Modal is one of the fibre materials which is made from beech trees. Since they are extracted from the trees, they are environmentally friendly too.

Pros – Cooler and lighter in weight

Cons – Not suitable for all skin types

Factors to Consider while buying underwear fabrics:

  • Comfortable and soft
  • Perfect for your skin type. If sensitive, choose Combed Cotton or Cotton based on your preference
  • Able to dry quickly if you are travelling or on a trip.
  • Natural and eco-friendly fabrics that will be skin-friendly too
  • Choose materials like bamboo cotton or micro modal which are anti-bacterial and safe for people who are easily allergic to different materials.

When to stop using your underwear:

  1. If you are not comfortable, then try to switch fabrics and choose one that is perfect for your skin type.
  2. If you notice any redness or itching in your private areas, try to analyse and find a better solution by hanging your underwear materials, or changing them frequently.
  3. If you are comfortable, then try including products that are eco-friendly so that you don’t have to swap immediately.

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