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Soda ChargersSoda Chargers vs Cream Chargers

Chargers are all the rage at the moment. They come in different grades and are filled with a variety of gases. One of the great things about these chargers is the ease with which they assist in preparing edibles. This gives adventurous chefs, professional or home-based, more room to experiment in their cooking. Soda chargers and cream chargers are two very different chargers used to make different things but are popularly known for making carbonated drinks and whipped cream respectively. However, these two chargers get mixed up easily, although they have different functionality. 

To fully understand the differences between these two chargers we must first know what they are and how they function.

Soda Chargers

A soda charger is a metallic cylinder, also called a canister, which is filled with carbon dioxide gas (CO2). They are normally used by the commercial food industry and have also become included in household preparations for desserts.

A soda charger is usually attached to a soda siphon or dispenser. It is combined with ingredients and a liquid in the soda siphon to make a carbonated drink. Carbon dioxide is released into the mixture of ingredients to create that fizz in the drink.

How Do They Work 

The process of making a carbonated drink is not as easy as it sounds, as water and Carbon Dioxide do not mix naturally. It would have to go through pressure, combining the liquid and gas forcefully to create a fizzy drink.

The change to the liquid, after this great effort, is not permanent because there’s a limit to how long a drink can remain fizzy. This happens because as soon as the normal pressure conditions are returned, the Co2 escapes from the liquid; making the drink go flat. A perfect example is the sound made when a soda drink bottle or can is initially opened; that’s the Carbon Dioxide escaping.

How Do We Use a Soda Charger?

A soda charger needs a soda siphon to work properly. The charger is a small sealed canister that opens when placed in its holder on the siphon. A pin attached to the siphon punctures a hole in the seal, letting the gas out.

The siphon and every other piece of equipment should be cleaned thoroughly before use. Make sure that the siphon is not charged by pressing the lever at its top. After going through these initial stages the next stage is to remove the siphon tube and fill the siphon with your ingredients.

Put the tube back into the siphon, replace the lid and tighten it, place the soda charger into the holder and screw it firmly onto the siphon head. The charger is opened and the carbon dioxide is discharged into the mixture.

When you can no longer hear the gas bubbling into the liquid, shake the siphon a few times. After shaking the siphon and removing the soda charger, a gentle pop or hiss that will cease after a few seconds will be heard. Your soda drink is ready.

What are Cream Chargers?

A cream charger somethings also called a nang canister or nang cream charger produces a lot of things, but it is commonly used for whipped cream. The cream charger is a cylinder that contains nitrous oxide (N20). It is used as the whipping agent and gives the cream the light bubbly feeling whipped cream is known for. 

How to Use a Cream Charger

To use a cream charger, you need a cream dispenser or siphon. Following the initial process of cleaning and making sure it is not charged. Insert a piping tip at the top and make sure it is connected properly to the head valve.

Open the siphon and pour your desired cream and other ingredients into the bottle. Do not fill the siphon to the brim so the gas and ingredients can be shaken together.

Ensure the lid tightly fits onto the bottle and put the cream charger into the holder. Twist it gently until you hear the gas being released. Gently shake for a few seconds. Press the lever and release the whipped cream.

The nitrous oxide acts as a preservative only for the contents within the dispenser. You can refrigerate the whipped cream in the siphon without the nozzle for releasing the whipped cream attached to the head.

 Soda Chargers VS Cream Chargers

Now that we know how each charger is different and how they are used, which one is better suited for your needs?

In summary, soda chargers contain carbon dioxide which is used for carbonating liquid whereas cream chargers contain nitrous oxide used for creating whipped cream or infused drinks.

Both have their benefits and can produce several things depending on the desired product. Both of them are great to jazz up your home-cooked meals. If you are using both chargers we recommend you label them to avoid mixing them up and spoiling your meal.

Whether you prefer cream chargers or soda chargers they’re a great addition to your kitchen equipment.

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