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Call of Duty is probably the most hardware-intensive AAA game available. It is easy to waste a lot of dollars if you do not conduct your research. You shouldn’t buy any laptop that has dedicated GPUs and expect it to be smooth and enjoyable even at extremely low settings. Laptops that have mid-range GPUs could have trouble with this.

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If you’re looking to improve your skills to ensure that you’ll be able to Rambo against the entire group You should know some basics about CoD hardware before you hit the trigger.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Contrary to Black Ops 4 it is a complete hog for each piece of hardware it gets its hands dirty on an almost unplayable with hardware that is more than 4 years old (even giving 2060 or 2070 RTX equipment a hard time when playing at high settings) with HD resolution.

The most recent release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has been thoroughly adjusted to the point where the majority of players, as they have an adequate mid-range GPU can play (as you alter your settings to match.

We’ve included a comprehensive section about the specifications you must-have for the settings you’d like to use at the end of this article.

We’ll attempt to simplify it before showing you the top laptops to play Call of Duty in 2022 If you have any questions or do not understand, refer to the end of this section.

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Recommended Specifications for Modern Warfare

Contrary to the majority of AAA games available the company has provided fairly accurate requirements for computers for you to play the game without delays. If you visit their website, you’ll be able to see the required settings neatly classified as the minimum recommended, high setting, and epic. I strongly suggest taking this advice seriously (they’re at the end of this article) Anything less than these will just be low-detail the equivalent of torture. In the end, here’s our suggestion on how you can get the most value from your budget, without putting yourself on the wrong foot when you start the game:

P.S Power varies from blue to green and then purple and orange.


The game engine that is being developed has reduced its graphic output settings, requiring less of a top-of-the-line GPU However, the game retains the majority of the game as they were. This means that the game can accept a kind of”mid-range GPU” “mid-level GPU”.

Be aware that the GPUs mentioned are those you’ll see on the latest laptops. You should not buy anything older than that, particularly for those who want to test all other games from Call of Duty Black OPs and Warzone (which tend to be more demanding in terms of hardware).


Call of Duty is mostly played on CPU-intensive due to a most the number of players as well as the details it needs to render in a short amount of time. Therefore, you must choose a processor with the most powerful rate of clock you can afford.

It is recommended to use a CPU of the 9th 10th or 11th generation or of the latest 4th as well as 5th Ryzen series that has the letter “HGR” (this means the High Graphics).

EX Core i5 9/10/11300H. Core i7 9/10750H, Core i7 11800H, Core 11900K. AMD Ryzen 5 4/5600H, AMD Ryzen 7 4/5800H.

AMD Ryzen 9 5800HS


The only problem with storage is how much space it will take up. The game Call of Duty can take all 256GB of SSD. If you’re not planning to install anything other aside from CoD plus Windows 10, you will be fine with the 256GB. It is important to note that the most recent release can be able to handle 150GB (maybe more depending on updates).

If you’re planning to test other games, be sure you upgrade your storage or buy 512GB right off of the beginning.


Black Ops 3 ran like rubbish with just 8GB RAM. 16GB was the minimum. It’s not necessary to play Modern Warfare now but who would want to risk it? RAM isn’t expensive anyway.


This article is not just intended for fans of hard-core gamers but also for regular players like myself. The gaming and laptop market is expanding too quickly. It’s hard to find the most suitable laptops for what you need. If you’re planning to buy a brand-new laptop before you buy it to pickcheaplaptops.com this site can help you find the top laptops to meet your needs.

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