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Lotteries have become pretty popular across the globe. Players can invest a small number of funds and get the chance to win a huge jackpot. Even though there are various types of lotteries available in the market today, the one that stands out among the rest is the “Thunderball Lottery”. It was first launched way back in 1999 and quickly became well-known across the United Kingdom. After several updates, the British Thunderball Lottery received its own formula, which includes 4 weekly draws and £500,000. 

Things to consider when purchasing a lottery ticket

When it comes to the Thunderball lottery ticket price, you can easily get £4.99. Before you purchase the lottery ticket, it’s advised that you check the site from where you’re purchasing it. Ensure that the site is completely licensed and has the right to provide lottery tickets on the online platform. Choosing an illegal site to buy a lottery ticket might make you lose your money, or you may get a lottery ticket that is not valid.

Playing Thunderball Lottery: How to do so?

If you wish to play or try out the Thunderball lottery. Firstly, you need to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 39. You also have to pick an additional number, known as the “Thunderball”. The number you pick should be between 1 and 14. When you’re 6 numbers that you picked are drawn, you get to win the Thunderball jackpot

Another unique thing about the Thunderball lottery is its “Secret Numbers” feature. You can only use this feature when you cannot decide which numbers you should choose to begin the lottery game. The “Secret Numbers” feature with randomly pick out numbers for you and will keep them hidden until your lottery tickets get validated. 

The Quick Pick is another tool that can enable you to pick out numbers, which can be easily modified according to your convenience. Once you have understood how to play this lottery and know about the Thunderball lottery ticket price, you can start playing it immediately. 

Also, there is no need to follow all the results when you have the multi-draw and bundle offers beside you. You will get the lottery ticket validated in advance for the upcoming draws, and you will be notified when you get to win. According to the UK time, the best time you can draw is around 8 pm on Fridays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays at 8:15 pm. The Indian time for drawing the tickets is 1:30 am, and 1:45 am. 

How much will you win?

Compared with other lotteries available online, the British Thunderball Lotto carries a jackpot of £500,000, INR51 million. So, if you wish to win this big amount, you have to make sure that your Thunderball number and the 5 numbers you picked match the draw numbers. Also, the most remarkable thing about this particular lottery is that all the chances are pretty favourable, including the comparatively set and slim prizes. 

Wrapping Up

The Thunderball lottery gained a lot of popularity not just in the UK but also in India. You will get the opportunity to win a big reward once the drawn numbers match the numbers that you picked. But before you start playing, make sure you look at its rules and regulation and learn how to play it. 

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