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The market for mobile applications is constantly increasing. According to Statista, global mobile app sales are expected to rise from USD581.9 billion in 2020 to USD693 billion in 2021.

These figures have paved the way for startups to capitalize on consumers’ desire for speed, convenience, and simplicity through mobile applications.

A dedicated, adaptable, and customer-friendly mobile application can enhance your business’s engagement with target customers and allow it to provide customized services. This startup app idea blog is for companies wishing to expand, forecast, fulfil consumer needs, meet demands accurately, and quickly invest in the appropriate mobile apps.

Most of the startup app ideas of 2021 pivot companies to connect with their customers because they feature enriched and innovative custom user interfaces that provide several ways for users to engage.

#1. Travel Planning App

Through syncing the application’s schedule with the office schedule, this intelligent mobile app can allow travellers to prepare their trips more efficiently. Many people struggle with travel planning and determining an appropriate budget for places to visit.

The travel planner app records the destination’s opening and closing times and the critical locations to visit and incorporates them into the trip chart.

The upcoming travel planning applications would have a spending tracker, allowing people to keep track of their costs and keep track of their invoices, bills, and notes.

Additionally, the in-app calculator enables travellers to measure the financial risk associated with particular travel experiences and quickly change their targets.

#2. Picture Translation App

Travellers and entrepreneurs who regularly move from one area or continent to another frequently encounter difficulties communicating in a foreign language or translating travel manual material. Travellers may use translation software such as Google Translate or Google Lens to convert the text in the form of objects, images, files, and web boards to their chosen language.

Additionally, the app can provide pronunciation capabilities, allowing users to listen to, copy, and exchange content with others in the destination region.

This AI-powered solution is one of the most exciting resources to watch in 2021. Through collaborating with travel agents or travel communities on social media sites, startups will influence users in the travel & tourism sector.

#3. Loan Lending App

This platform is on the list of trending app ideas for 2021 because it simplifies borrowing. The P2P lending site acts as a marketplace for borrowers and lenders to interact and satisfy each other’s financial needs without the need for physical meetings or a lengthy loan application process.

Loan lending apps are becoming popular with consumer loans and payers due to their short processing time.

Their popularity is expected to grow as their features expand and include a bargain program that allows borrowers to pre-determine their expected loan rates and compromise with lenders for low-interest rates.

#4. Invoicing and Tax Management App

This solution includes features that allow users to keep track of their tax expenses. It is one of the most innovative mobile app concepts for startups in 2021 due to its built-in calculator that calculates tax based on the user’s income and local laws.

Additionally, the program will create invoices, allowing business owners to handle their finances more efficiently. Developers should integrate these two features to enhance the app’s utility while simultaneously growing its demand across multiple industries.

Improved functionality enabled by the mobile app development services, such as financial advice, go a long way to enhance the application’s utility by allowing users to manage their running costs.

The app should evaluate investments and expenses and recommend the optimal mix of expenditures and investments to maximize the after-tax returns. This functionality can be implemented by the use of Fintech’s Robo advising program.

#5. Book Sharing App

Book lovers are not limited to using libraries or purchasing costly books and papers from eCommerce stores. Other than that, they can collect and distribute non-copyrighted material through a book sharing app.

Users can register on the app and announce their collection of books, allowing those in the exact location to browse, read, talk, and exchange information and ideas.

Additionally, the app allows users to create an electronic book library for potential subscribers. This trendy mobile app concept for startups in 2021 is highly profitable because it will cater to modern-day readers and learners who prefer digital reading materials to hard copy.

Additionally, the developer should incorporate paid subscription options that enable users to purchase rare books.


Predicting mobile app trends is a blend of what we do now and what will be possible in five years. The demand for solutions in the travel, education, labour, environmental, investment, and investment services industries will be on the rise. Therefore, it is recommended to create an application that meets the growing demand of the industries. 

A dedicated, adaptable, and customer-friendly Meetnfuck app can satisfy users’ needs while also providing companies with opportunities to market their products.

According to statistics, a growing number of people are visiting brands’ online product pages via mobile devices rather than web browsers.

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