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How EDA Can Benefit Your Business

No matter what kind of business you are running, chances are you are taking advantage of digital platforms. Without a web presence in the modern world, it’s going to be hard to draw customers into your company and you’re going to lose out on a lot of business. You need an effective and efficient website that is equipped with business intelligence software. Data analytics and business intelligence help give you actionable insights into customer information and help you scale your business. It all starts with how you run your architecture and programming within your system.

The way your software processes event messages can affect how well it operates. You want your business process to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. This is where event-based architecture can be the best choice for you and the scalability of your company. This event processor helps your business understand new events in real-time and send back notifications that are accurate and efficient every time. Let’s look at a few other ways in which this architecture can benefit your businesses on a large scale.

What is EDA?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what event-driven architecture (EDA) is. This is a software design pattern that allows your organization to process any type of event and react to it in real-time. Before EDA was available, many systems operated under the request/response system. This meant your services had to wait for a reply before they were permitted to act on certain events or invitations, causing a huge interruption in your workflow. If you choose to implement EDA, your digital platforms will be ready to respond to message brokers and new orders without having to wait for human approval or interaction. This next step in innovation and automation can help your business thrive in a number of ways.

Keep track of your retail interactions more effectively.

The ultimate goal of many companies is to sell their products or services effectively. As a retailer, event-based architecture helps you keep up with custom requests and monitor your inventory, no matter what you’re selling. For example, if you are running a business providing a manicure table for sale, you can set up an architecture pattern that triggers a change in inventory anytime a new manicure table is sold. You can also see what designs salons are loving and invest more in giving them those specific manicure stations. With niche markets like salon furniture, you want to be able to gear your event stream and be an active listener to what your customers want. EDA can help you get there.

React to customers in real-time to improve customer service.

Customer service is a main priority for any business. You want to interact effectively with your customers and show them that their business means a lot to you. Show them their time matters by reacting to their responses right away. With the right framework in place, any stream of events will trigger a response that your clients will see immediately. This will help them customize products, get answers to questions, and have a better experience with your business overall.

Gain more actionable insights.

Quicker response times mean you are seeing real-time data that can make a difference for your business. Tracking information helps you make strategic business plans based on how people react to your products. EDA is the first step toward getting these actionable insights.

Scale your business in new ways.

Waiting for a request/response system is quite tedious and can waste a ton of time. This dramatically lowers the amount of data you gather or projects you can take on. By switching over to event-based architecture, you improve the scalability of your business. You can bring in more clients because your new software architecture can handle the extra work.

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