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The Uruguayan capital, although small, presents good options for those who want to buy souvenirs, clothes, food and more


Traveling is one of the funniest and most inspiring activities ever. On each new trip, it is possible to learn new languages and expressions, discover more about local culture and try out new experiences. Among the many activities available during travel, shopping is also a hobby for many and should be included in the script.

Some destinies are known specifically for being great places to shop, like Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is not considered a reference for shopping but offers great places to buy clothes, food, souvenirs, handicraft and many other products.

If you are looking for a shopping guide to this small and cool city, this is the article for you. See some tips to find the items you are looking for with great prices and conditions. Street fairs, open markets and even different types of clothing store can please you.

Ciudad Vieja / Mercado del Puerto

The first option in this list is the neighborhood Ciudad Vieja, located downtown. Near Montevideo bay, the region presents lots of historic buildings and is great to walk on foot and reserve a “shopping day”.

There you can find many famous clothing stores in the streets and the Mercado Del Puerto, an amazing gastronomic market to try local food and buy local foods and products, such as dulce de leche, alfajor and wines.

Feria de Tristán Narvaja

This traditional fair happens each Sunday in the traditional neighborhood of Córdon, at Tristán Narvaja Street. A reference in antiques and flea market products, the event has countless blocks with its home decor and thrift store items. Looking for vintage pictures, exclusive plates and unique clothes for your wardrobe or living room? This is the place.

Mercado de Los Artesanos

Located downtown and near other open markets, the Mercado de Los Artesanos is the perfect place to find regional clothes, shoes, accessories, handicraft, décor items, souvenirs, toys and more. Traditional and expander of uruguayan culture, the market must be in your travel script.

Mercado Agrícola

Want to try Uruguayan cuisine and still buy some of its delicacies? The Mercado Agrícola is the place! With fresh fruit and vegetables, the space presents delicious food to eat on place, such as craft beer and pasta, and offers typical products to buy, like dulce de leche, olive oil and wine. Also, the building is historical and charming.

Feira Villa Biarritz

Located in the Punta Carretas neighborhood, near the Villa Biarritz Park and the Punta Carretas Shopping, the Feria Villa Biarritz is an open fair with many things to buy: art, handicraft, clothes, accessories and more. The fair is more modest than other famous ones in the city, like the Feria de Tristán Narvaja, but is great to buy some souvenirs and stroll. It happens every Saturday.

Punta Carretas Shopping

For those who do not give up going to a local shopping mall, the Punta Carretas Shopping, located in the neighborhood with the same name, is a great choice. Its building is pretty and interesting, drawing attention by its architecture: opened in 1915, the place was built to be the Carretas Penitentiary, a prison. Nowadays, you can find many conventional stores and food courts.

Montevideo Shopping

Another option for shopping mall fans, the Montevideo Shopping is between the neighborhoods Buceo and Nuevo Pocitos. There, it is possible to find many famous and international brands, eat and drink. 

Free shops

Last but not least, free shops are great places to buy famous and expensive products regardless of the country. In Montevideo it would not be different: in these spaces, you can find cosmetics, clothes, accessories, shoes and more. 

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