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While driving around on a motorcycle is fun, it is also one of the most dangerous methods of transport. Your body is fully exposed, there are no airbags, and all you can rely on are your skills and protective gear. 


In this article, we want to help you find the ideal pieces of motorcycle clothing to give you optimal protection on your next ride.

Why is safety so important for a motorcyclist?


The truth is, driving a motorcycle is dangerous. When in traffic, your life lies not just in your hands but also in the hands of the people around you. Maybe someone didn’t pay attention, and suddenly, you got hit. In those cases, even though it wasn’t your fault, you are the one who will probably be injured the most. 


The number of fatalities due to motorcycle accidents have been rising (20% in the last ten years in the US), and therefore it is up to you to care for your protection.


On a bike, you barely have any protection; that’s why it is important to count on the proper protective gear. Have a look at; here, you can see all the different kinds of protective equipment that are available on the market – helmets, leather jackets, gloves, and much more. Not only is this type of clothing necessary to protect you in an accident, but it will also allow you to drive more safely. Especially if you plan a road trip, you want to be sure you can rely on your gear.

Find your ideal protection gear with these tips and tricks!


Are you looking for the right protection gear? Let it be for yourself or a loved one; if so, look at the following tips and tricks. They will help you find the perfect gear for you!

Get the basic gear


Before you even consider riding the motorcycle, we recommend getting the essential protective gear. Especially a helmet is a must, but also a leather jacket and long pants will protect your body from bruises. When your skin hits the asphalt, it is painful but can be easily prevented with good gear. 


In the following, we want to introduce you to basic motorcycle gear.


Count on this protective gear as a motorcyclist:


  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Jacket
  • Boots

Exchange your gear regularly


Unfortunately, even the most high-quality gear must be exchanged every now and then. Typically, depending on how often you use them. For example, you should exchange a helmet every 5 to 7 years. Sure, this lifespan can be longer if you rarely use your gear. 


Be aware: If you dropped your helmet, you might need to exchange it earlier. If you notice dents or issues with the material, this might be a sign for you to get a new helmet.

Seek comfort


You do want to protect your body while riding your motorcycle and might spend a fortune on the right gear just to realize that it is not comfortable. Then, you have wasted your money. Realistically, we rarely wear clothing that is uncomfortable. Therefore, (if you want to get good use out of your gear) you need to focus on comfort, too. Try on your helmet, pants, jackets, etc., before buying them.

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